maaloo Geocaching for free – Update 2.9.5.

maaloo Geocaching is now free. You do not have to pay anything to use the full version. I hope you like that.

Update – Changelog

  • The default map is now the OpenStreetMap “Normal” map, because of problems with the HERE map on newer devices.
  • The ‘View Online’ feature is not available for Basic members of
  • The lost of the GPS-signal is now alerted by voice and vibration.

Update – Changelog

  • There is an option for the new feature ‘The lost of the GPS-signal is now alerted by voice and vibration.’ – Settings / Proximity / Checkbox ‘Alert GPS-Signal lost’

Update – Changelog

  • The Favorites / Waypoints page has a redesigned application bar. There is a new button to activate the multi selection mode and one more button to select all or de-select all items. You can elect the selected waypoints as your favorites, which copies them to the favorites folder.
  • If you choose “update all” from the Favorites menu, the geocaches are getting updated as usual, but now the pictures of the caches are downloaded too. (Hint: If you delete the favorites afterwards, the pictures stay in the storage of maaloo until you delete them by “Database / delete (red icon)” explicitly. Hint 2: If you have the same waypoints in a Pocket Query, the pictures of the same caches (equal GC-Code) are available too, also if you delete the favorites.)
  • The pixel offset in the OSM-map of the Lumia 950 device (RM-1105) is detected automatically now.

Update – Changelog

  • Fixed an error in the coordinate transformation

maaloo Outdoor (green) – not available in the Store

SquareTile150x150The older version of maaloo Outdoor with the green Icon is not available in the Store anymore. The green version has been replaced by the blue version. The blue version is called “maaloo Outdoor 8” and is implemented for Windows Phone 8.0. This has the advantage to record tracks in the background, if you use another app in the foreground. The green version has not this ability and was not updatable to this Windows Phone 8.0 target platform.

If you still want to install the green version, you must use this link from your phone.

If you had bought the green version in the past and do not want to purchase the blue version again, you can upgrade to the blue version by this simple steps.

  1. Install the green version
  2. Install the trial-version of maaloo Outdoor 8 (blue icon)
  3. In the green version go to the Main Screen / Info / Apps / Unlock
  4. The blue version now works like a full version.

Map crashes

There is a new issue on newer phones (Lumia 550, 640, 950) which got the latest Windows Mobile System update. The app crashes if you open the map. This only happens if you have selected the HERE map for the map, which is the default. The reason is not yet known.

You can use the Online maps instead. Select Main screen / Download / Online / Normal and use this selection for the map with the OK sign. The last selected map provider will be saved for the next start of the app.

For offline usage you can use the offline vector maps. Read the instructions in the HowTos how to install them.

How to install offline vector maps

Sorry for any inconvenience.

*** Update ***
The issue with the crashing HERE-map is fixed in Build 10.0.15245.0 of Windows 10 Mobile.


Perhaps you can help other users.

There is the “good” old Windows Store error 0x80073CF9. This error was born together with the Windows Phone itself and prevents the installation of apps on the phone. This error comes and goes.

I never got a meaningful answer from Microsoft, how to fix this. There are some hints in the internet, to set the installation target from SD-card to the internal memory. But phones without an SD-card get this error too.

Do you got this error too and solved it for you? How?

Update Geocaching v2.9.4.x


This update offers 2 new filters for Geocaches. The Cache-Size and the Min-Favorite-Points filters.


The selection of all sizes automatically includes the Unknown-size.

The other new features are the fast map and themes switcher, introduces with the v2.9.3 of the Outdoor version.

Updates v2.9.4.x – Bugfixes


  • Corrected coordinates of mystery caches in are visible again on the map and in the details of the cache.


  • A Timeout-message appears if the request for caches on the map is not responded in a certain time (see Seetings / Online / TimeOut Message Limit). This re-enables the next request faster.
  • Panoramio is no longer available. The former features for Panoramio are excluded now from the app.
  • Some other minor bugfixes.




Ich möchte die Weiterentwicklung der Geocaching-App gern offener gestalten und weitere Entwickler teilhaben lassen.

Vielleicht ist es schon aufgefallen, das die Geocaching-App immer noch auf Windows Phone 8.x basiert, optisch wie technisch. Die Windows Mobile 10 Version lässt auf sich warten. Diese wird es aber nur geben, wenn sich weitere Entwickler finden.

Für die Windows Mobile 10 Version wird es eine komplette Neuimplementierung geben, da  interne Abläufe und die Datenverwaltung verbessert werden könnten. Damit bietet sich die Gelegenheit ganz neu anzufangen. Gern auch ein neues User Interface.

Auch wenn es um Windows Mobile nicht so rosig aussieht, mich interessiert die Technik, die Arbeit mit C#, VS2015, LinQ, TFS, .. und ob es funktioniert eine App im verteilten Team zu entwickeln 🙂

Der Wille die beste Geocaching-App zu bauen sollte vorhanden sein, nicht einfach nur noch eine App. Die App soll prinzipiell kostenlos sein, es gibt also nichts zu verdienen, außer Ruhm und Ehre 😉

Wie ist so die Meinung dazu…?