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Use the map
Download map
Download ready made maps
User defined map
User defined map: examples
Install OSM Vector maps
Install themes for vector map files

Edit tracks on the map
Create own track on map

Login to
Import Waypoints / Pocket Queries
Add stages to cache

Calibrate compass


6 thoughts on “HowTo: Index

  1. I love maalo online. However when downloading teh cahes in neighbourhood or a gpx file from geocahing site I get an “error loading file” message .Waypoint and caches are not on my map or waypoint list. The app works great online, but not offline.

    • The file perhaps contains a waypoint (Cache) with Problematic Sequence of Bytes. Please send this file to support at maaloo net for further anaylse.

      • Hello again. Thank you for the reaction. Now Geocachng site downloaded pocket queries usually work okay. Cache=s downloaded via the app itself often have errors, Even downloaded with stable Wifi. To what e-mail can I send an example file? Thank you, Eugene

  2. Hello
    I bought Maaloo (green version). I know I’d better upgrade to the blue version, BUT I discovered that there are problems with the blue version on my Windosphone 8.1.
    The map seems stuck : can’t locate myself, can’t zoom in or move the map. The (blue) app seems to crash.
    Note that my green version is working perfect : great app by the way.

    One thing that could be improved imho is the way downloaded maps are displayed (by tapping the info-button by card-provider). I sometimes forget what type of map I’ve downloaded, so have to search where my downloads are… Maybe it would be better to have a section where all downloaded maps are together. Navicomputer handles this part better.

    Otherwise : tried a lot of apps and will be using Maaloo or sure 🙂

    • Which phone do you own?
      Perhaps the blue version works better after a re-installation.
      Good hint with the overview of all downloads.

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