maaloo Geocaching for free – Update 2.9.5.

maaloo Geocaching is now free. You do not have to pay anything to use the full version. I hope you like that.

Update – Changelog

  • The default map is now the OpenStreetMap “Normal” map, because of problems with the HERE map on newer devices.
  • The ‘View Online’ feature is not available for Basic members of
  • The lost of the GPS-signal is now alerted by voice and vibration.

Update – Changelog

  • There is an option for the new feature ‘The lost of the GPS-signal is now alerted by voice and vibration.’ – Settings / Proximity / Checkbox ‘Alert GPS-Signal lost’

Update – Changelog

  • The Favorites / Waypoints page has a redesigned application bar. There is a new button to activate the multi selection mode and one more button to select all or de-select all items. You can elect the selected waypoints as your favorites, which copies them to the favorites folder.
  • If you choose “update all” from the Favorites menu, the geocaches are getting updated as usual, but now the pictures of the caches are downloaded too. (Hint: If you delete the favorites afterwards, the pictures stay in the storage of maaloo until you delete them by “Database / delete (red icon)” explicitly. Hint 2: If you have the same waypoints in a Pocket Query, the pictures of the same caches (equal GC-Code) are available too, also if you delete the favorites.)
  • The pixel offset in the OSM-map of the Lumia 950 device (RM-1105) is detected automatically now.

Update – Changelog

  • Fixed an error in the coordinate transformation

26 thoughts on “maaloo Geocaching for free – Update 2.9.5.

  1. Hi
    I have a new issue with maaloo geocaching. When I add the final stage of a multicache, let’s say N48 49.ABC E2 19.DEF, when I save it, it registers as 49.AB(C-1) 19.DE(F-1)
    If I add one to C and F so that the -1 corrects it, it doesn’t work systematically.

    • I also have this effect sometimes. Not only when adding final stages, it may happen on every kind of stage.

      • I think it is due to a rounding error in the conversion to the decimal format and back again. I’ll check that out. But do not panic, the difference of the last coordinate position is only about a meter in real terms. The GPS accuracy is certainly much worse 😉

  2. I’m not able to open the Caches on my phone after I have new installed. The map is open as usual and I can see all Caches but I’m not able to open it (for detailed view). Any suggestions? Thanks for help.

  3. Hello
    After the update, I am not able to access anymore to dropbox through maaloo application.

    I have the following message: “error” = “v1_retired”.

    I cannot initialize my connection to dropbox again with my login/password.

    Is there a way to execute a first connection process ? Empty cache ?


      • Thanks for the answer. In consequence, the choices offered by maaloo for uploading gpx files are now very limited.

        I would appreciate to be able to store the gpx files on the phone /sd card or even better to share my tracks by email or with strava 🙂

        Maybe in a next update ? 🙂 Thanks.

    • “Move an App to Android”?
      As far as I know, Android isn’t able to run Windows Mobile Apps.

      If you really want to use Android, why don’t you use c:geo?
      I didn’t use it yet, but I’ve heared, that it is nearly as good as maaloo.

  4. Thanks for the great app, used it many years.

    “The lost of the GPS-signal is now alerted by voice and vibration.”

    -Well, this is not so good add…
    Case is something like this:
    If map is not centered to my current location, I then press the phone home button …and when returning back to Maaloo, I may get this this alert.

  5. > The ‘View Online’ feature is not available for Basic members of

    That’s an interesting change. I’m curious, is this because of some sort of policy requirement? I don’t see a technical reason for it.

    Also, as a fellow developer of WP8.1 apps that had their features randomly broken by WM10 updates, I feel for you regarding the Here maps issue. I have since given up trying to fix stuff that Microsoft broke, mainly because I had no idea how to fix them – it was all working fine on WP8.1, or in the emulators! And I’m still using my trusty WP8.1 phone and OS.

    • Yes this is a requirement from They have requested that explicitly.

      Thanks for your compassion about the W10M problem. Microsoft is making every effort to throw the developers sticks between the legs. Really sad.

      • Yes, I agree on the state the W10 mobile is in now. A lot of applications which is regarded as neccessary in Norway are removed from the platform. That includes travel and banking apps. So I was more or less forced to leave W10m and Maaloo. Thats a pity, but Locus Map Pro for Android is a good substitude.

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