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The Live-API to OneDrive which is used by maaloo Geocaching/Outdoor was switched off by Microsoft.

You can still import GPX-files by direct file import. E.g. you can send an Email to yourself with an GPX file attachment. Open the attached GPX-file in your mail client on your phone. Touch on the file and all associated apps are listed which can open GPX files. Choose maaloo Geocaching/Outdoor an the file will be imported.

There are no export features available anymore. Sorry for any inconveniences caused. Ways of implementing an alternative feature to export a GPX file are checked.

Update: v2.9.6.0 – added the ability to export tracks and waypoints by export as plain text in the body of an Email. This re-enables the further post-processing and import in GPX-Editors on PC.


10 thoughts on “Import, Export – GPX – OneDrive

  1. Hello,
    Could you try to improve the export feature ? There are good implémentation availble for example on Run the Map which works on wp 8.1. (gpx, kml by email and even for strava)


  2. The program saves files of tracks on the SD card (in my phone it is the folder “F:\WPSystem\AppData\{D06E4250-57EB-45D5-8E2C-A777D9AA8511}\local”), but in own format. You can make that the program kept tracks not in the format there
    and in the GPX format? Or at least make the converter for PC to transfer program tracks to GPX.
    It was a pity to pay money for the program in a kotra necessary function ceased to work. I use phone as the navigator for record of tracks and now it lies a useless piece of iron.

    • I have exactly the same problem. Could you please provide some kind of converter? It could be just simple command line to be able to convert from binary format to GPX. It is annoying that I can’t get important for me tracks.

    • There is a feature in implementation to export a GPX file by Mail Export. More details will follow.
      The SD-card-feature is not suitable for phones without a SD-card.

      • It is possible to make function of export on the SD card (to mark that for this purpose it is necessary to install the SD card). It will be very useful if it is necessary to export a track, and there is no Internet connection.
        It would be very desirable to see such function not to depend on the Internet (for example as now).

  3. The program is useless for me if there is no way to export the recorded tracks. A simple copy to a local folder (phone, SD card) should not be that hard to implement I think.

    • maaloo Outdoor 8 is a Windows Phone 8 app that has no access to folders of the device. The access was somewhat relaxed with Windows Mobile 10, but only applies to apps that have been specially developed for Windows Mobile 10. That’s why the only access via internet and cloud storage.

      • Why not write a simple Windows 10 utility tool that exports the gpx tracks to a local folder? (Could be a nice job for an intern.)
        At least I could get access to all the tracks I recorded and failed to immediately transfer to a cloud storage. Now that I need these files, it’s painful to know that they are waiting somewhere on my device but unreachable. Not to mention that Maaloo Outdoor 8 is now useless, just a few months after I purchased it.

  4. Are you planning to add any other export features? Share via email, etc? That capability was very useful.

    • The new app maaloo for iPhone is likely to have a OneDrive implementation. Hopefully, this implementation will work for Windows Phone too and reimplemented there.

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