Update Outdoor 8 – v2.9.3 – Map & Theme Switcher

This update changes the way to switch a map and choose waypoint online services. Previously you had to click more buttons to switch to another map or to toggle waypoint services on or off. Now there is only one click to open the “Fast Map Switcher”.


You can choose from the last 3 maps you had used before. At the beginning there are no 3 maps, so you have to press the more-button with the three dots to open the full map menu and choose a map there. If you want to switch to another than the 3 maps you have to press the more-button too.


If you use an offline vector map, you can select one of three themes (design templates). There are the MTB, Hike and Cycle theme. The Hike theme highlights hiking ways. The Cycle theme highlights ways for bicycles. If you use the maps from openandromaps.org you get better results with the themes. Especially the network-tagged ways (regional walking and cycling routes) are more highlighted with maps by openandromaps.org.

The themes are similar to those from andromaps_mtb, andromaps_hike and andromaps_cycle.xml by openandromaps.org with some minor changes.

Update Outdoor 8 – v2.9.2

This update integrates the ability to download OpenStreetMap vector map files directly from the app. There are files for nearly the whole world available.

You can download the files from the map manager. Press the map / download button from the main screen to open the map manager. There is a new Download button on the Offline-page.


This button opens a webpage with all the available maps. You can download a whole country or a part of a bigger country. The download of the file itself is executed by the phones system. You get a notification if the file is downloaded and ready for import. Click the downloaded file and the import will start. This can take a while if the file is big (some minutes for e.g. germany.map with 1.7GB). You can delete the file after import from the downloads folder, because it is copied into the apps storage.

World base map

Especially for the vector maps, there is a new world base map for lower zoom levels. This map is an online map and loads the map tiles on demand for zoom levels lower than 11. Vector map files does not have map data for the whole world, so if you zoom out to lower zoom levels you would not see a map anymore. With the new fallback to the world base map you always see a map until zoom level 3.
You need online access for the world base map, but the tiles are cached, so each used map tile is downloaded only ones.

You can disable the world base map for vector maps in the map options.


Windows 10 Mobile

Some users have updated their phones to Windows 10 Mobile. The maaloo Apps are built for Windows Phone 8.x but run on Windows 10 Mobile too with some minor limitations.

The official update of W10M is the 10.0.10586.164. The 10586 is important, the last number is not so important.

One known limitation with W10M is the access to the SD-card. The maps on the SD-card are not detected by the app.
Some users had problems to start the app, if the app is installed on the SD-card. You should install the app on the internal storage of the phone in this case.

You should not use the Insider updates of W10M, not fast and not slow ring (14295.x) . There are potentially more problems. One problem is that the login to geocaching.com is not possible.

August 2017:  The app also runs on Windows Mobile 10 up to version 1607, Build 14393, which can not be guaranteed for newer versions.

Update Outdoor v2.6.1

Update for maaloo Outdoor 8 (blue icon).

Some new features regarding the track visibility and track edit functions.

  • You can choose the color of the track and decide if the track points are visible on the map
  • You can edit the track. Reduce the amount of track points of the track for faster handling on the map. Reverse the direction of the track. Duplicate the track if you want to save the original track in advance to some changes.
  • Update of the dutch translation – thanks to marmarroo

wp_ss_20160216_0001 wp_ss_20160216_0002

Update Outdoor v2.6.0

The first update of 2016 for maaloo Outdoor 8 (blue icon).

Some minor changes and one more translation:

  • Bugfix: Get directions for route was not visible on map immediately
  • New Upload-button on the Track Details page
  • Retrieve more online waypoints (Panoramio, Geocaching, GPSies) by multiple requests. The waypoints of the previous request does not disappear now.
  • Danish Translation – thanks Thomas

Update Geocaching 2.8.2, Outdoor 8 2.5.7

This update offers some improvements and bugfixes for Geocaching and the Geocaching-InApp.

The Log Upload page has 3 buttons to enable or disable the upload for notes, logs and trackables logs. The upload process itself checks for errors from GC-API and marks the logs having an upload-error not as uploaded, for your next try (with better WLAN connection).


There are now logging types for owners of geocaches for the maintenance of there geocaches in the field. (Temporarily Disable Listing, Enable Listing, Owner Maintenance)


The quality of the GC-icons has improved. You will notice this especially on phones with higher resolution.


Update Outdoor v2.5.6

New update for maaloo Outdoor 8 with some improvements for track recording.

  • The track will be automatically reduced while recording with the new option Settings / Record / ‘Auto reduce track’ in an interval of 10 minutes (default off). Unnecessary points will be removed by the Douglas-Peucker algorithm to create space for necessary points on long trails. If you enable this feature you should normally not notice any negative influence. The deleted points are in most cases unnecessary.
  • There are three new choices for the info panels on the map to reflect the progress while recording.
  • The altitude values are now calculated with a moving average of 10, to minimize the spikes somewhat.

wp_ss_20151014_0001  wp_ss_20151014_0003