City maps download

Here are some ready made maps for download in GEMF-Format (Bitmap raster).
If you own a phone with SD-card, it is very easy to install the map file. Just copy the downloaded file to the ‘map’-folder of your SD-card and restart maaloo.
If you have a phone without SD-card, you must transfer the file to your phone by mail, cloud or your PC. Perhaps you will notice a file size limitation while transfering the file to the phone. I can recommend the App ‘BoxShot free’ to open large files (>100MB) from Dropbox. The App ‘Pocket File Manager‘ does a great job for transfering files to your phone, especially with the built in FTP-Server and a FTP-Client on your PC e.g. FileZilla.

City maps

Maps of cities without hill-shading and contour lines but very detailed.

Germany /
Zoomlevel 9 – 16/17:
Aachen (218MB)
Augsburg (73MB)
Berlin (126MB, 512×512 pixel tiles)
Bielefeld (127MB)
Bochum (103MB)
Bonn (98MB)
Braunschweig (111M)
Bremen (250MB)
Chemnitz (116MB)
Dortmund (219MB)
Dresden (66MB, 512×512 pixel tiles)
Düsseldorf (175MB)
Duisburg (181MB)
Erfurt (91MB)
Essen (129MB)
Frankfurt Main (176MB)
Freiburg (73MB)
Gelsenkirchen (62MB)
Halle (119MB)
Hamburg (98MB, 512×512 pixel tiles)
Hannover (158MB)
Jena (39MB)
Karlsruhe (130MB)
Kiel (66MB)
Köln (254MB)
Krefeld (89MB)
Leipzig (105MB, 512×512 pixel tiles)
Lübeck (103MB)
Magdeburg (86MB)
Mainz (54MB)
Mönchengladbach (69MB)
München (90MB, 512×512 pixel tiles)
Münster (280MB)
Nürnberg (104MB)
Oberhausen (48MB)
Regensburg (67MB)
Rostock (77MB)
Stuttgart (156MB)
Wiesbaden (98MB)
Wuppertal (115MB)

Austria / Zoomlevel 9 – 17:
Dornbirn (47MB)
Graz (140MB)
Innsbruck (38MB)
Klagenfurt (38MB)
Linz (64MB)
Salzburg (70MB)
St.Pölten (33MB)
Villach (45MB)
Wels (27MB)
Wien (330MB)

Switzerland / Zoomlevel 9 – 17:
Basel (27MB)
Bern (230MB)
Genf (126MB)
Lausanne (51MB)
Lugano (62MB)
Luzern (23MB)
St.Gallen (30MB)
Winterthur (104MB)
Zurich (62MB)

Czech Republic / Zoomlevel 9 – 17:
Brno (108MB)
Ceské Budejovice (22MB)
Hradec Králové (64MB)
Liberec (84MB)
Olomouc (48MB)
Ostrava (107MB)
Pardubice (42MB)
Plzen (66MB)
Praha (292MB, 512×512 pixel tiles)
Ústí nad Labem (37MB)

UK /
Zoomlevel 12-16:
Birmingham (58MB)
Bristol (27MB)
Cardiff (19MB)
Edinburgh (21MB)
Glasgow (31MB)
London city (max Zoom 17, 51MB)
London (140MB)
Manchester (67MB)
Oxford (11MB)
York (12MB)

You can create your own map files with the Mobile Atlas Creator (Mobac). Choose ‘Osmdroid GEMF’ as Atlas format.

All map files from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Czech Republic were rendered on own hardware with data from OpenStreetMap. OpenStreetMap is open data, licensed under the Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL).

The map files from UK contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right 2011. The UK files were made with the MAPC2MAPC-tool.