HowTo: Add Stage to Cache

This post will show you how to add your own stage to a cache. We will add a simple stage by coordinates.

1) Select your desired cache from the map.
We use the cache GC3DH6J (“Die Elbe – etwas tiefer gelegt”) for this example.

2) The details page of this geocache
Scroll to the ‘Stages’-page.

3) The original stages of this cache
Now press the ‘+’ add stage button.

4) The Add Stage page appears
Type in your desired coordinates and a description if you want.
Press the OK-button to add the stage.
The cache is now also part of your favorites, because only favorited caches may add stages.

5) One more stage in the list of stages

6) Navigate to the freshly added stage by press on ‘Go’ and choose it as ‘Target on map’

7) The map shows all stages of your cache if you have selected them as target.
Press the ‘Info’-button to return to the cache description of the targeted cache.

Happy hunting for multi caches! 🙂


4 thoughts on “HowTo: Add Stage to Cache

  1. The “add stage” is not available anymore in v2.0, it has been replaced by “add to favorite”.
    Only once the you add the wp to favorites the + icon appears

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    • The symbols are only visible if they are choosen as target. The blue line must be visible, then also all station symbols are visible.

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