HowTo: User defined map

This HowTo explains the ability to use your preferred local map provider as source for the map tiles of the map. You can edit the settings of the “User Map” in a way the map tiles are usually accessed from map servers. Not all types of map servers are supported, but the majority which use the normal OpenStreetMap coding.

To edit the settings of the “User Map” follow this steps:

1) From the main screen choose Map / Download

2) Choose the last entry of the list of maps, the “User” map.

3) Open the menu and tap on “edit map provider”

4) This are the default settings for the OpenStreetMap-Mapnik-Server

You can see some fields to edit. The main setting is the URL of the map server. The URL contains some placeholders {0}..{3}. The amount of placeholders depends on the amount of sub-servers the map server has (load balanced).

The settings

  1. URL
    • for Server Count > 1: The placeholders are replaced with the server-number = {0}, zoom = {1}, tile-x = {2} and tile-y = {3}
    • for Server Count = 1: The placeholders are replaced with zoom = {0}, tile-x = {1} and tile-y = {2}
  2. Parameter Type
    • You should always choose OSM
  3. Server Count
    • Some map providers use more than one server to balance the traffic and reduce the server-stress
    • If this option should not be used, set it to 1 and replace the placeholder for the servers with nothing or a static value.
  4. Max Zoom
    • Type in the max zoom level the map provider allows. Some map servers provide map tiles until zoom level 16 only, escpecially such with included hill-shading. Usually this value is 18.
  5. File Extension
    • Type in the file-extension (png or jpg) of the format the map tiles are returned from the server.


Here is an example for the settings of a finnish map server.

And thus it looks like in the map:

More examples

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