HowTo: Use the Map

This short article shows you the handling of the map. All is done by simple gestures. You surely used the map prior reading this article. It is very intuitive. The necessary gestures are shown in the images and explained underneath.

1) Move the map

Move the map by holding down one finger and move around.

2) Rotate the map

Rotate the map by holding down two fingers and rotate them around each other.

3) Zoom in/out

Move two fingers away from each other to zoom in.

Move two fingers closer together to zoom out.

Another possibility to zoom in is a short double tap on the screen.

4) Buttons and information on the map

  1. Info panels
    • The info panels in the upper area of the map show some interesting information. You can choose the shown information in the Info-page of the Map Options-pages by selecting “map options…” from the menu.
  2. GPS position & center map
    • “GPS position” shows your position in the map as an arrow like icon. You can bind the center of the map to the GPS position by a press on the “center map”-button. The “center map”-button is only visible if you have a stable GPS-signal.
  3. Crosshairs
    • The Crosshairs mark the center of the map, if the map is moved away from the GPS position as the center position. The Center of the map is the rotation and zoom origin.
  4. North arrow
    • The north arrow always points in the direction of the north. If you rotate the map or the map is rotated by the compass or GPS the north arrow will ever show you the north direction. If you press on the north arrow button the map is aligned to north for 5 seconds and rotates back after this 5 seconds.
  5. Zoom in/out
    • The zoom in and out buttons do what they are labeled for, they zoom the map in and out as an alternative to the pinch in and out gestures. Sometimes it is faster to press the zoom in and out buttons than doing this by the gestures.
      The current zoom level is displayed beside the zoom buttons for 1-2 seconds.
  6. Legend
    • The legend gives you an imagination of the distances displayed in the map. The upper number is measured in metrical unit the lower in imperial unit.