Update Outdoor v2.9.0 – POI

Update for maaloo Outdoor 8 (blue icon).

This update introduces the new POI online service provided by maaloo itself with data by OpenStreetMap. Points of Interest (POI)  are useful waypoints like restaurants, bars, shops or shelters. Find a shelter in the forest or a nice beer garden for a short break while hiking. You can save the POIs as favorite waypoints for offline purposes.

The POI service currently covers the area of europe.

wp_ss_20160523_0002 wp_ss_20160523_0003

You can click on a POI as usual and open the detail page. Each POI can contain detailed information like opening hours or the postal address, dependent on the type of the POI.


The types of POIs are organized in categories, which can be selected in the filter page.

wp_ss_20160523_0004 wp_ss_20160523_0005

Enjoy the new feature, especially in unknown regions.

POI Data © OpenStreetMap contributors, ODbl 1.0.



Voulez-vous en français?

Update Geocaching v2.5.2 – Now with french language – thanks Massis!

The language of the app can be selected in the settings now. Previously the language was set from the phone system language.

Bugfixes and improvements:


  • Add new logs without to alter the previous edited log
  • Change log type of not uploaded logs
  • Question for open logs on app exit removed
  • Logs can be reloaded from logs page in cache details

Cache details

  • HTML-view improved with line breaks
  • Double tap on search result opens cache details


  • HERE-map keeps zoom settings on map switches
  • GEMF-maps are centered on map after selection from map chooser

maaloo Outdoor Update v1.2

There is a new update available for maaloo Outdoor . The new features are the results of your suggestions made in this blog, reviews of the app, the forum and personal mails. Thanks for this. 🙂

The new features of v1.2:


  • shows some interesting informations while you walk or bike, like speed, pace, trip counter, trip time, ETA (estimated time of arrival), ..
  • for your ambitious outdoor plans the sunrise and sunset is now monitored
  • the compass is now a second page of the GPS Monitor

Track Manager

  • the tracks are now sortable by name, length, distance, date and height
    an icon shows the type of the track (hike, bike or jogging)
  • uploaded tracks are marked with a green upload icon

Track details

  • the map of the track can be enlarged to full screen mode for better overview
  • charts for height and speed profile

UTM coordinates

  • the coordinates can be display and edited in UTM coordinate format, according to the settings


  • the GPX format now writes the correct date and time format, for better compatibility with outdoor software e.g. BaseCamp™

Map options

  • enable dark color for buttons on the map, for better readability on some maps