maaloo Outdoor 8


There is a new but good old known App in the Store “maaloo Outdoor 8”. The successor of “maaloo Outdoor” targeting the WP8.0 operation system again. The reason is the important feature for background location tracking. This feature is only available for WP8.0 apps but not for WP8.1 apps. The user voice was loud enough to rollback the app to WP8.0 to enable the background location tracking again.
Why a new app? Because there is another tricky issue in the uploading process for apps that prevents the deletion of WP8.1 packages of an app. So if there exists a WP8.1 package, the newer WP8.0 package is not visible for updates.

Further updates will be published for the new app only. So please switch to the new app.

If you have bought the previous “maaloo Outdoor” you can unlock the new app for free. Go to Info / Apps and press the ‘Unlock’ button. You must have installed the “maaloo Outdoor 8” app in advance of course.

  1. Install the test version of ‘maaloo Outdoor 8’
  2. Update ‘maaloo Outdoor’ (without ‘8’)
  3. Press the unlock button in Info / Apps



Update Outdoor v2.5.2

This update is primarily aimed at the map and its zoom function. It is now finally possible to zoom the map continuously by using the finger-spread gesture. The set magnification remains, even if you take the finger off the screen again. In the previous versions the zoom level jumped back to the next fixed zoom level.
Furthermore, you can increase the zoom level, even if the card provider does not offer this zoom level. The map tiles are getting enlarged accordingly.
With the classic map tiles of 256 × 256 pixels, the zooming is fast coarsely pixelated. Therefore, the app now supports higher resolution map tiles of 512 × 512 or 768 × 768 pixels resolution. This makes especially sense for the new smartphones with higher resolution displays. The map will look much sharper.
You will surely find no online map provider having 512×512 pixel map tiles. You must generate this high resolution maps by yourself with e.g. Maperitive.

The OSM vector maps can also be generated with 512 × 512 pixel tiles with an option on page “map options / Map”.



Update Geocaching 2.8.1, Outdoor 2.5.1

This update speeds up the map rendering of the OSM vector maps somewhat. You can customize the details of OSM vector maps according to the speed of your smartphone, with the new map option “Speed Optimization“. The slower your smartphone, the higher the speed optimization should be set. Default is ‘medium’.

The online access for the map can be locked now to prevent downloading of map tiles even when online access is available. This option only applies to online maps. Accessing the geocaches can still take place via the refresh button on the map.


This app has been migrated from WP8.0 to WP8.1 environment. This has not only advantages but also disadvantages. Under WP8.1 an app can not run in the background while continuing the location tracking.
If you use another app while the track record, for example a photo app, you must return to maaloo to further record the track. You can do this by pressing long on the back button until an overview of all running apps appears. Then simply tap on maaloo again.
You can switch off the display, to save energy. The track records also under the lock screen.
Some users have also update errors on WP8.1. The most solution is to reinstall the app.
Here is a official statement from Microsoft Support regarding the update problems especially for error code 80073cf9:

This appears to be a device error that has something to do with storage. Here’s a forum post where some users were able to correct it by removing SD cards;

This may help your users. I can tell you, nothing I see here indicates an issue with your app itself. You may also want to provide users with the link to consumer support;

If some other users had similar problems and resolved them, please let us know your solution here by replying to this post.

Update Outdoor v2.5 – OSM vector maps

With the OSM vector maps you are equipped with the very detailed maps, without the need of online access. The file sizes of the OSM vector maps are pleasantly small

How to install .map files

wp_ss_20150601_0003[1] wp_ss_20150620_0003[2]

Known limitations of the OSM-vector maps in the latest version:

  • At lower zoom levels (14,13,12,..) the speed is slow, especially on slow phones. The strength of the OSM vector maps is rather larger in higher zoom levels (15,16,17,..).
  • Themes: currently there is only an internal Theme (MTB-style).
  • No street names are displayed
  • Contour lines are displayed without altitude
  • The names of POIs and cities can overlap each other. 
  • Labels are sometimes cropped at the edges of the map tiles.
  • Multipolygons with inner recesses are represented not “punched” as such.
  • No SD-Card support

Other new features:

  • The card selection was somewhat remodeled. The HERE maps can now be found in the offline part.
  • Your online maps downloads can now be found in the details of the map provider (button ‘Info’) and can be downloaded there again (updated) or deleted.
  • In the Details of the map providers you can now delete the local map tiles (Clear cache).
  • The buttons on the map are farther apart and therefore a little easier to touch.
  • New clearer Icon for the App. I hope you like it. As always, a matter of taste.

wp_ss_20150620_0001[1] wp_ss_20150619_0001[1]

Update Outdoor v2.4.2

This update extends the detailed view of the tracks. Added are a few statistical values in order to analyze your activities even better. The recording buttons for start, stop and pause were shifted from the track managment to the detailed view of tracks. Live stats of your current recorded track is now also visible in the detailed view.

wp_ss_20150523_0001[1] wp_ss_20150523_0002[1]

Added statistics:

  • Pace
  • Time in motion
  • End date
  • Pause time

Update Outdoor v2.4 – Navigation

With version 2.4 the topic active navigation is introduced.

What we have now is the ability of simple voice navigation for routes having turn instructions.The turn instructions are included in the route automatically, if you generate the route by the “Route calculation” function, wich needs online access. Alternatively, you can add turn instructions by hand to existing tracks and routes by editing the track points.

The turn instructions are illustrated in the upper info panel of the map by an arrow and the distance to the next turn instruction. At distances of 100, 30 and 10 meters, the forthcoming change of direction will be announced by a simple voice output. This app will however show no lane change or similar informations. Therefore, it is of limited use for car navigation. The outdoor area is and will remain the domain of maaloo outdoor.


What’s new:

  • The upper info panel of the map have been expanded
    • the info fields can be switched by a click between the two fields, to a completely empty display box to hide the display
    • show turn instruction with an arrow
    • the compass is shown graphically
  • Track information:
    • ETA, ETE and the distance to the target relates to the way along the active route and is no longer limited to the shortest distance between the GPS position and target.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Sunrise and sunset were not calculated in some regions
    • the Geocaching function “Friends” gave an error message when you view the logs. The number of the last logs had to be cut to 30 logs.

Update Outdoor v2.3.2 + 2.3.3


  • Bugfix for the address search feature.
  • Info panels on the map
    • You can switch between different views of the info panels by a click on the middle of the info panel between the two info fields. There is also an empty info panel if you want to switch off the info panels.
  • Route calculation from Point A fixed. Coordinates of the waypoint for point A were erased after calculation.

Errorcode c101a7d1. Some users from germany got the full version for free while the app special in April 2014, but now having trouble with the update. Please read further information on the german blog.