Update Outdoor v2.2

The german, czech and dutch users will be happy with the translated app in their native language.
A main new feature is the ability to import ready made map-files in the GEMF-format. You can download some ready made GEMF-files from the map catalog or build your own map files with the PC-tool ‘Mobac’ (Mobile Atlas Creator, Format OSMdroid-GEMF).

All new features:

  • Translation for german, czech and dutch
  • Use ready made maps in GEMF-format
  • Use more than one user defined map
  • Black and white theme
  • File-association for .gpx and .gemf with this app
  • Sort Waypoints and Favorites by some criterias
  • Tracks longer than 2000 points are reduced to 2000 points for faster responsiveness of the app

Update Geocaching v2.3

A nice and needful feature comes with the new version 2.3, the Pop-up window in the map with a short description of the cache. The Pop-Up has two buttons, the info button and the ‘Go’-navigation button. Escpecially the ‘Go’-button allows the fast choice of this cache as your next target, without the need to open the info page first.

All new features:

  • Map: Info Pop-up of the cache in the map
  • Map: new options
    – night mode
    – dark buttons
    – auto hide buttons
  • Czech language for the app (Thanks to Lupyno!)
  • Dutch language for offline helpers (Thanks to marmarroo!)

Update v2.0

This update starts with the implementation of many new features of the Window Phone 8 platform. The start is the most wanted feature, the HERE map integration. No more downloads of maps in advance, just go out for caching with the delightful Nokia HERE map.

The new features list:

  • Nokia HERE map integration
    – road and hybrid mode
    – day and night colors
    – adjust pitch for 3D view
    – fast rendering, ..
  • Geocaching features
    – added log type Will attend, Attended
    – bugfix: save caches
    ……– it should possible to download the caches of the map as list again
    – drop the default log text with a button above the log edit box
    – nearby the target cache the log/notes button switches to the log page
  • Address search
    – selected address result can be displayed on the map with the Go button


This update is available for Windows Phone 8 devices only.
The coming updates will require the features of the Windows Phone 8 platform too.