Update Outdoor v2.2.4

This update increases the usability of the map. There is a new feature to measure distances from your current GPS-position to a point on the map for a fast approximation of alternate ways. The info fields on top of the map are only visible if you did not touched the display for more than 5 seconds.
You can download your current map view for offline use directly from the menu.

New map for bikers added to the regional online map catalog, MTBmap of Europe (mtbmap.cz).

+ new map for bike MTBmap of Europe (mtbmap.cz)
+ easy measurement of distances on map
+ better automatic switch from buttons to info fields on map
+ download current map view from menu
+ greater font for info fields in map

Measure distances on the map. A first step to the coming feature of hand edited routes.

Download current map view directly from map.


Update Outdoor v2.2

The german, czech and dutch users will be happy with the translated app in their native language.
A main new feature is the ability to import ready made map-files in the GEMF-format. You can download some ready made GEMF-files from the map catalog or build your own map files with the PC-tool ‘Mobac’ (Mobile Atlas Creator, Format OSMdroid-GEMF).

All new features:

  • Translation for german, czech and dutch
  • Use ready made maps in GEMF-format
  • Use more than one user defined map
  • Black and white theme
  • File-association for .gpx and .gemf with this app
  • Sort Waypoints and Favorites by some criterias
  • Tracks longer than 2000 points are reduced to 2000 points for faster responsiveness of the app

Update Outdoor v2.1

A small update of maaloo Outdoor is released. Two main features are added. The GPS-recording now runs in background, enabling the recording with another App in foreground. You can check your Mails or use a Messenger while the recording is continued.
The next major new feature is the file association with .gpx-files. Open a .gpx-file from Mail or Cloud and the file will be opened with maaloo Outdoor to import tracks or waypoints.

New features and changes

  • GPS-recording in background
  • .gpx file association
  • Dropbox login bug fixed

Update v2.1 + v2.0

Two updates at one day! maaloo Geocaching v2.1 and maaloo Outdoor v2.0 are released today.
The Outdoor version gets the HERE map like the Geocaching version got in v2.0. Both version now have a fine tuned map download quota solution for each map provider. Both version talk to you by text to speech if you are nearby or reached your desired waypoint/geocache.


Map download

The map providers have different restrictions for map downloads. This version respects this restrictions more stringent and re-allows some maps for download which were blocked in v2.0/1.2. You can read the restriction seetings in the Info page of each map provider.


User defined map: examples

Here is a list of possible settings for your user defined map.

Open the settings page of the user defined map as follows:
1) Home screen, first page
2) press the small download button of the big Map button
3) scroll to the Online page
4) in the list of map providers scroll down to the last entry and press the + button of the ‘User’ map provider

The settings page looks like this

6) Edit all settings according to a map provider of your choice including all the letters, symbols and brackets exactly as shown. Close the page with the OK-sign.
7) You find a new map provider entry in the list of User defined maps. Chosse this new entry and press the OK-sign to use it for the map

List of map providers

Google road

  • URL: http://mt{3}.google.com/vt/lyrs=m@@x={0}@@y={1}@@z={2}
  • Parameter Type: Google
  • Server Count: 2
  • Max Zoom: 18
  • File Extension: png

……view online: maps.google.com

Google hybrid

  • URL: http://mt{3}.google.com/vt/lyrs=y@@x={0}@@y={1}@@z={2}
  • Parameter Type: Google
  • Server Count: 2
  • Max Zoom: 18
  • File Extension: png

……view online: maps.google.com


Eniro (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland)

  • URL: http://map0{0:1}.eniro.no/geowebcache/service/tms1.0.0/map/{1}/{2}/{3:i}.png
  • Parameter Type: OSM
  • Server Count: 4
  • Max Zoom: 15
  • File Extension: png

……view online: kartor.eniro.se

Nearly all map providers do not allow bulk downloads. Do not download this maps, only use them for map browsing.

maaloo Outdoor Update v1.1

Only 3 weeks after the launch of the new outdoor app maaloo Outdoor a first update is available. This version implements the most wanted suggestion of the reviews, the SkyDrive support. Your wish is my command. Here it is.

New features of update v1.1

  • SkyDrive Import/Export
  • support for the GPX-Route format
  • Track Playback, scroll through your track in the track details


maaloo Outdoor


A new star on the Windows Phone app market is born. maaloo Outdoor the successor of the already well known an favored app for Geocaching maaloo Geocaching. This app focus on the usual outdoor features like recording and displaying tracks and the management and locating of waypoints.

This app has good features for offline usage like the ability to download outdoor maps for hiking or biking in areas without online access.

This is the first version of maaloo Outdoor. Many features will follow. Here is a short list of the planned features for the next versions.

  • Import/Export from SkyDrive
  • Import/Export KML-files
  • More statistics for tracks (height and speed profile)
  • Show nearby images along a track
  • Turn instructions for tracks
  • Hill-shading for the map
  • More content providers for map layers (weather, ..)


This following features are implemented in version 1.0 yet.

Map features

  • Download maps for offline use
  • OpenStreetMap, Cycle and Hike maps with many details for outdoor needs
  • Map Rotation by Compass or GPS-Direction
  • Show transparent Compass-overlay on map
  • User defined map provider, use your local map tile server

Track features

  • Record your own tracks
  • Statistics of tracks
  • Import and export GPX-tracks from Dropbox
  • Search and import of tracks on GPSies.com
  • automatic nearby search of tracks
  • supports hiking, jogging and bike trails

POI/Waypoint features

  • Add your own waypoints (press Favorites button and add, or long press on map)
  • Navigate to waypoints
  • Proximity alarm
  • Import and export waypoints by Dropbox or URL

Geocaching features

  • supports traditional, Multi and other types of caches
  • Import Pocket Queries from Dropbox or URL
  • Add and edit your own stages to caches