HowTo: Edit tracks on the map

You can edit and fine-tune your tracks on the map. You can add or delete track points or move points to another position. Each point of an track can start the edit-mode for this track. Zoom in to at least zoom level 16 to see all track points.

Follow this steps to edit tracks:

  1. You should have activated at least one track for the map.
  2. Open the map.
  3. Zoom in to zoom level 16.
  4. Move the map to the track points you want to edit.
  5. Tap on one of the track points. You will see a widget with information of this track point. Press on the edit button (this with the pencil).
  6. The edit-mode for tracks is activated now. You see instructions on the upper screen and some statistics of the track (length and number of points).
  7. Tap on the track point you want to move, edit, delete or add.
    The add-mode will insert a new point between the last selected point and the following point. If your selected point was the last point of the track, you can append new points by simple taps on the screen.
    The move-mode will show a big circle around the track point which you can drag to move the point.
  8. You can press the back-button of your phone to cancel the edit-mode. Your changes will be saved automatically.

[This feature is available in the Outdoor-version only.]

HowTo: Create own track on map

You can create your own tracks/routes directly on the map. Plan your trips in advance or just click your path while you are offroad. You can use this feature to plan alternative ways on your trip.

Follow this easy steps:

  1. Open the map.
  2. Wait for stable GPS-signal.
  3. Press on an empty position of the map. The distance from your GPS-position and your selected point will be displayed in a little widget on the map. Enlarge the widget by the button with the three dots.
  4. You see at least 2 more buttons now. Press the second button with the plus and  track sign.
  5. This will start the edit-mode for tracks and allows you to add track points now. Tap on the display to add more track points. You can zoom and drag the map to navigate to other positions on the map.
  6. Press on the OK-sign below to save or revoke your edited path. You can edit and fine-tune your track later, if you want.
  7. That’s it.

[This feature is available in the Outdoor-version only.]