Update Geocaching v2.7.2

A few new utilities and cleaned up a bit …

Added features:

  • locally logged caches as “Found it” are displayed immediately in this state on the map. The state will be saved only for favorite caches. In PQs it does not work yet.
  • Textual smileys in log text will be replaced with the corresponding graphical icons.
  • The friend function is working again and now has a refresh button to update the number of finds of all friends.
  • The text phrase “[COUNT]” of your log text will be replaced with the number of your found caches and incremented further. However, only if it is a “Found it” log. If not, an empty text is replaced.

Removed features:

  • The GC profile icon on GC.com was reduced to a 48 × 48 image, or will be  downscaled to this size if you add a larger picture. But such a small image can not be used as LiveTile. Some (new) users were not able to use the feature “Use your GC-profile icon as LiveTile”. Luck had only the GC-profiles who still had a big old icon. Since this is not a reliable state, the function has been removed.

Update Geocaching v2.7.x

This updates (v2.7.0 and 2.7.1) extend the features of your profile. Now you can manage your geocaching friends and view their statistics, know when they were active. Your own geocaches are listed in your profile.

The pictures of geocaches are downloaded locally to your phone for offline use. In the prior versions the pictures were only saved with favorited geocaches for offline use. You can delete the offline pictures (v2.7.1)

New features:

  • Profile
    • Manage your geocaching friends
    • List of your own geocaches
  • Pictures
    • Pictures of the geocache listing are saved locally for offline use
    • You can delete the offline pictures
  • Logs
    • Logs are listed with the icon of the finder
    • View details of the finder

Update Outdoor v2.2.9 + GC v2.6.3

This update removes some bugs and adds some minor changes for both versions of maaloo.

List of changes:

  • Speed is calculated with average filter for smoothness
  • Track recording is saved after 10 minute interval for recovery in case of phone/app crashes
  • SD-Card maps are imported from ‘Downloads’-folder if ‘map’-folder doesn’t exist
  • GPS-direction used as Compass-input for phones without real Compass-chip (Lumia 630, ..)
  • Trip counter/time is reset on new day
  • Bugfix: Geocaches are visible on map immediately after online refresh