Perhaps you can help other users.

There is the “good” old Windows Store error 0x80073CF9. This error was born together with the Windows Phone itself and prevents the installation of apps on the phone. This error comes and goes.

I never got a meaningful answer from Microsoft, how to fix this. There are some hints in the internet, to set the installation target from SD-card to the internal memory. But phones without an SD-card get this error too.

Do you got this error too and solved it for you? How?


Tutoriel en français

C’est un tutoriel très agréable, montrant de nombreuses fonctionnalités de maaloo Geocaching.

Merci à Anthony!

This is a very nice tutorial, showing many features of maaloo Geocaching.
Thanks to Anthony!


FAQ: W10M, WP8.x, WP7.x

On which versions of the Windows Phone OS runs the App maaloo Geocaching and maaloo Outdoor 8 ?

Both Apps started with WP7.1 and were then upgraded together with the OS to WP8.0 and WP8.1.

Both Apps are not developed explicitly for W10M, but run also under W10M (build 10.0.10586.x). Do not use the Insider builds of W10M with this App, there are potentially more bugs.

It is possible that Microsoft prevents the ability to install apps which are designed for WP8.0 or WP8.1 on newer version of Windows 10 Mobile. maaloo Outdoor is designed for WP8.0. maaloo Outdoor (without 8) and maaloo Geocaching are designed for WP8.1.

With the state of today, the following versions are available in the Store (21 July 2016) :

W10M, WP8.1: 

  • v2.9.1.3 (Geocaching)
  • v2.9.1.3 (Outdoor and Outdoor 8)


  • v2.7.2.1 (Geocaching)
  • v2.9.1.3 (Outdoor 8)
  • v2.5.4.0 (Outdoor)


  • v1.9.5.0 (Geocaching)
  • v1.2.0.0 (Outdoor)


FAQ: Combine Geocaching and Outdoor

You can add the Geocaching App features into the Outdoor 8 App and leverage the Outdoor 8 App to a Multi-Outdoor-tool. Geocaching and Outdoor in one App… awesome!

You must have been purchased the Geocaching and the Outdoor 8 app. Open the Geocaching App and press the Unlock button in Info / Apps. This will enable the Geocaching-features in the installed Outdoor 8 app. The amount of available Geocaching features depends on the version of the Outdoor 8 app vs. the Geocaching version. But normally both apps are close together.

The former Geocaching/Outdoor-InApps will be not available anymore.


FAQ: Outdoor vs. Outdoor 8

You can find currently two versions of the Outdoor app. The Outdoor 8 app with the blue icon has one big advantage, it can record your track in the background. The green Outdoor App does not have this ability.

This has a technical reason, because of restrictions by WP8.1 vs. WP8.0. If the app is based on WP8.0 internally, it allows the background location tracking. There was no way to re-enable this for the green WP8.1 app, so the blue app was born.

You can unlock the trial version of the blue Outdoor 8 app for free if you have bought the green app already. In the green App go to Info / Apps and press the unlock button. You must install the blue trial version before. If you had bought the Geocaching-InApp, the Geocaching features will be unlocked in the blue App too.

If you plan to buy the Outdoor App, take the blue one.

FAQ: Basic member at geocaching.com

If you have only a Basic account at geocaching.com, this app (and all other Live-API depentend apps)  will get limited results by the geocaching.com Live API.

The limitations are:

  • Only 3 full descriptions of traditional caches per day
  • Only traditional caches are visible (no Multi caches, mystery caches, ..)
  • no Pocket Queries

You must buy a Premium account at geocaching.com to have full access to the Live-API-features.

If you buy the app you do not get a Premium account of geocaching.com included.