maaloo Geocaching for iPhone

After a somewhat longer breather, owing to the decline of Windows Phone / Mobile, the journey continues towards the iPhone. maaloo geocaching is being redesigned, with fresh technology under the planks. The main focus lays on the target platform Apple iPhone. Potentially, it could also run on Android and Windows Universal App – but maybe later. Lets focus on iPhone.

When will it happen? Look forward to late spring 2019 over again …


4 thoughts on “maaloo Geocaching for iPhone

  1. I just passed on a Nokia 7 + (androidOne) and my God… I miss Windows phone already.
    So I’m forced to use C:geo and it’s ugly and especially very complicated to use.
    I miss the efficiency and simplicity of Maaloo.
    I’m ready to be a beta tester

  2. Nice! Are you using Xamarin.Forms (re Android / UWP)? I am experimenting with it as well, having been driven out of WP development, but I find it much less pleasant to use and the development environment much more pain and prone to random errors and glitches…

    I also took refuge in iOS and I am currently using Cachly for my geocaching needs, but I sorely miss the custom map tileset URL feature of Maaloo so I could use the maps I am used to (hint hint).

    • Yes I use Xamarin.Forms. The former versions (back in 2016) were a little bit unstable in VS and the samples didn’t work, but today with the current Visual Studio for Mac it works out of the box.
      The feature with custom map tileset will surely be on board. 🙂

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