Map crashes

There is a new issue on newer phones (Lumia 550, 640, 950) which got the latest Windows Mobile System update. The app crashes if you open the map. This only happens if you have selected the HERE map for the map, which is the default. The reason is not yet known.

You can use the Online maps instead. Select Main screen / Download / Online / Normal and use this selection for the map with the OK sign. The last selected map provider will be saved for the next start of the app.

For offline usage you can use the offline vector maps. Read the instructions in the HowTos how to install them.

How to install offline vector maps

Sorry for any inconvenience.

*** Update ***
The issue with the crashing HERE-map is fixed in Build 10.0.15245.0 of Windows 10 Mobile.


9 thoughts on “Map crashes

  1. I also experienced the HERE map crash on my Microsoft lumia 550 WP10 and automatically linked this to the previously pushed WP update. Any idea how I can help to make Microsoft do something about the crappy update?
    It seems that the 0x80073cf9 error got fixed with the update. Installing on the device and moving to the SD afterwards was a work-around for me.

  2. As for the crashing, it’s temporary. I’ve returned home yesterday and tested maaloo outdoor (which contains the same code I assume?) on my 650 running the latest Insider Fast build (15240): no crash at all.

  3. Sorry but installing another bunch of maps in parallel to the HERE maps is not a solution for me. What I don’t understand is that the Microsoft maps app is still working.. Hope that there will be a solution soon.

  4. Thanks for this info, we just found this out the same morning on my Wife’s Lumia 950. Another issue we found, when we noticed the workaround, we find that touch is ‘off’ by about a centimeter southwards. I.e, to be able to select a cache, she must press about a centimeter below the cache. This we have not had before the same update… We noticed also in the map-settings, there is a setting for 950, but if this is related or not, we cannot tell as there is no info on what to enter here. We tried 1, 10 and 100, but it didn’t seem to affect the bug. Also, I’ve tried to search teh forum, but I haven’t been able to find anything about this…

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