Perhaps you can help other users.

There is the “good” old Windows Store error 0x80073CF9. This error was born together with the Windows Phone itself and prevents the installation of apps on the phone. This error comes and goes.

I never got a meaningful answer from Microsoft, how to fix this. There are some hints in the internet, to set the installation target from SD-card to the internal memory. But phones without an SD-card get this error too.

Do you got this error too and solved it for you? How?


7 thoughts on “0x80073CF9

  1. I haven’t had the problem regarding Maaloo, but with other apps, as well as system parts. Some has been solved by itself after a few days, some have been solved by a Store-upgrade. The OS part (touch and gestures) didn’t solve itself by any means for several months. It came after creators upgrade and since I have a Lumia 930, I couldn’t get the upgrade. So a week or so ago, I decided to run the phone on insider and got the upgrades that way and the problem vanished… So my gut feeling is that it is something within the Store database.

  2. After today`s update (2017-07 Update for Windows 10 1703 for arm-based Phone Devices) I finally could finally install(and purchase) maaloo8. Seems that error has gone at least for my device (lumia 950)

    • Ist das so?
      maaloo8 basiert auf WP8.0. Die anderen beiden maaloo’s auf WP8.1.
      WP8.0 deshalb, weil die App dann GPS-Daten auch erhalten kann, wenn sie im Hintergrund läuft. Für eine Outdoor-App notwendig. Das wurde bei WP8.1 unterbunden.

          • Ich habe es mit meinem 950 XL Dual Sim und 950 XL Singe Sim probiert.
            Jeweils erfolglos.
            Wie im Forum geschrieben selbst nach einem Reset des Telefons ohne Einspielung eines Backup.

            Win Build 10.0.15063.414

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