Update Geocaching v2.9.4.x


This update offers 2 new filters for Geocaches. The Cache-Size and the Min-Favorite-Points filters.


The selection of all sizes automatically includes the Unknown-size.

The other new features are the fast map and themes switcher, introduces with the v2.9.3 of the Outdoor version.

Updates v2.9.4.x – Bugfixes


  • Corrected coordinates of mystery caches in geocaching.com are visible again on the map and in the details of the cache.


  • A Timeout-message appears if the request for caches on the map is not responded in a certain time (see Seetings / Online / TimeOut Message Limit). This re-enables the next request faster.
  • Panoramio is no longer available. The former features for Panoramio are excluded now from the app.
  • Some other minor bugfixes.




12 thoughts on “Update Geocaching v2.9.4.x

  1. I updated my phone recently to the “Creators Update” and now the Here maps seems to not be working properly. The zooming with the +- buttons is strange, but pinch zooming with two fingers are ok. But still, caches from an offline pocket query does not display correctly in the map.

  2. Again and again I leave here my big plea about adding simple possibility for terrain filtering to T4,5 not only T4,0 and then direct T5,0
    Need hide only pure T5, but leave T4,5 visible on map!

  3. I have recently discovered a problem. When I update the coordinates on geocaching.com it was allways showing the new coordinates on c:geo in red and showed the cache on the new location on the map. But since a short time, it doesn’t do that anymore. It doesn’t even show the cache with the adjusted coordinates at all. When I remove the adjusted coordinates in geocaching.com, it shows the cache on the bogus coordinates again. Any ideas how to solve this?

      • It is indeed working again.
        There is however one disturbing error left. Often when I open the app and go to the map to load the caches on the map, it doesn’t show them and keeps looking. Only after restarting the phone, the caches appear. Any ideas what could cause this?

        • With a poor online connection the download of the caches takes a longer time or fails sometimes. A timeout message would be good feature for this case.

          • I don’t believe it has anything to do with a poor online connection. I’ve got 4G internet and other apps do work at the same time…

  4. I have seen four times now that the Maaloo geocaching tile is dimmed or geyed out and the app is not starting. This is on two different phones. Two times I had to uninstall and install Maaloo geocaching to recover, one time it recovered itself after one hour and the fourth time is current – I haven’t done anything yet.

    This is something happening with the latest version. I don’t know what is going on as I have never seen this with any other app before. I have a screenshot of it if interested.

    • Its because backup to Onedrive is in progress. You can try disable in under windows 10 mobile – settings – backup, tap on bottom to show list of apps and disable backup for maaloo.

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