Update Outdoor 8 – v2.9.3 – Map & Theme Switcher

This update changes the way to switch a map and choose waypoint online services. Previously you had to click more buttons to switch to another map or to toggle waypoint services on or off. Now there is only one click to open the “Fast Map Switcher”.


You can choose from the last 3 maps you had used before. At the beginning there are no 3 maps, so you have to press the more-button with the three dots to open the full map menu and choose a map there. If you want to switch to another than the 3 maps you have to press the more-button too.


If you use an offline vector map, you can select one of three themes (design templates). There are the MTB, Hike and Cycle theme. The Hike theme highlights hiking ways. The Cycle theme highlights ways for bicycles. If you use the maps from openandromaps.org you get better results with the themes. Especially the network-tagged ways (regional walking and cycling routes) are more highlighted with maps by openandromaps.org.

The themes are similar to those from andromaps_mtb, andromaps_hike and andromaps_cycle.xml by openandromaps.org with some minor changes.


13 thoughts on “Update Outdoor 8 – v2.9.3 – Map & Theme Switcher

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    • The Outdoor 8 App will get a custom theme feature to import other themes. Afterwards the maaloo Geocaching App gets the same update.

  2. Very nice! I would wish to use the Elevate 4 Theme from openandromaps.org, which is a pretty nice and informative render theme

  3. Hello,
    Thanks for this great feature, I tested it yesterday, it works in a great way and it is very easy now to swith between different maps and layers !

    I have a question on a potential additionnal feature which is missing on all windows phone app that deal with hiking and cycling: the visualization of key indicators directly on the track displayed on the map (slope, altitude, speed, rate of ascent) right on the map with a detailed colour legend.

    For mountainbiking in the Alps for example, when we are preparing our trail at home uploading some available tracks on the web (Gpsies, UtagawaVTT,…), it would give us a very quick overview of the difficulty (slope) on a specific track.

    Are they some limitations on windows phone to developp this kind of feature ? Because currently, no one proposes this functionnality for WM8 and WM10…


    • The screenshot is from a tablet right? The screen size of a phone is perhaps to small to show the chart, the legend and the colored track. But it is possible. To separate the track into multiple colored lines instead of a continues line is possible but not very fast in the resulting handling, because of the many lines to synchronize while draging the screen. XAML as the Windows UI technology has not the ability to draw mutli colored lines. The only way would be to draw as many short lines the track has points and holding them together. As it would not be a fast feature it is skipped instead. ;|

      • Ok I understand… Wm8/10 is less powerful than Android and IOS for multi colored lines which is a kind of standard for runtastic pro, mytrails and trackyzer. What a pity for us…
        Regarding the second feature, would it be possible to have a dedicated graph on a new specific page to view simultaneously the altitude and slope of the track ?

        • I will try the multi colored track for the track details page. Perhaps this is a good option for the normal map too. If this works fine, the colored chart will be the next “challenge”.

  4. Nice set of new features! I especially like the fast map switcher I asked for earlier, thanks! 🙂

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