Update Outdoor 8 – v2.9.2

This update integrates the ability to download OpenStreetMap vector map files directly from the app. There are files for nearly the whole world available.

You can download the files from the map manager. Press the map / download button from the main screen to open the map manager. There is a new Download button on the Offline-page.


This button opens a webpage with all the available maps. You can download a whole country or a part of a bigger country. The download of the file itself is executed by the phones system. You get a notification if the file is downloaded and ready for import. Click the downloaded file and the import will start. This can take a while if the file is big (some minutes for e.g. germany.map with 1.7GB). You can delete the file after import from the downloads folder, because it is copied into the apps storage.

World base map

Especially for the vector maps, there is a new world base map for lower zoom levels. This map is an online map and loads the map tiles on demand for zoom levels lower than 11. Vector map files does not have map data for the whole world, so if you zoom out to lower zoom levels you would not see a map anymore. With the new fallback to the world base map you always see a map until zoom level 3.
You need online access for the world base map, but the tiles are cached, so each used map tile is downloaded only ones.

You can disable the world base map for vector maps in the map options.


10 thoughts on “Update Outdoor 8 – v2.9.2

  1. do you plan to add the possibility to use DEM files? I would like to see the elevation of a point (i.e. the center of the screen) even if i’m in another place.

  2. Hi Maalo7, thank you so much for your answer.
    Crashes occur wandering around or zooming the map. Free memory on a Lumia 625 is about 2 GB. I will disable HR tiles but honestly I have to say in a few days I will move to Lumia 950, so my concern is the app will perform better on a more powerful terminal.
    Thank you again, happy to support (purchased app!)

  3. Hello, IMHO MAALO O8 is really a great app for WinPhone, but…
    After upgrading to v2.9.2 and successfully downloading vector maps (Italy), I was unable to use this offline map as the app crashes every time. More, it would be great to have hillshading and altitude lines saved on this offline maps that go down to zoom 17. OAMaps saved as .map files miss the ability lo apply a style showing hillshading and altitudes. More, OAM .map maps cause the app to crash same way the “in app” downloaded maps do.

    • The OAM maps have data for elevation contour lines and the built in theme of maaloo draws them up to zoom 18.
      More styles (themes) come in a later version.
      In which situations the app crashes? If you have a phone with low memory you should disable the 512×512 pixel tiles for vector maps.

      • Hi Maalo7, first of all thank you for your answer.
        Crashes occur simply navigating or zooming in and out on a Lumia 625. Free phone memory is more than 2GB. I will try to disable HR tiles to begin. Honestly I have to say in a few days I will move to Lumia 950 and reinstall MO8, so my concern is about this app to work better on a more performing terminal.
        Thank you so much, looking forward to future upgrades and happy to support (purchased app!).

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