FAQ: W10M, WP8.x, WP7.x

On which versions of the Windows Phone OS runs the App maaloo Geocaching and maaloo Outdoor 8 ?

Both Apps started with WP7.1 and were then upgraded together with the OS to WP8.0 and WP8.1.

Both Apps are not developed explicitly for W10M, but run also under W10M (build 10.0.10586.x). Do not use the Insider builds of W10M with this App, there are potentially more bugs.

It is possible that Microsoft prevents the ability to install apps which are designed for WP8.0 or WP8.1 on newer version of Windows 10 Mobile. maaloo Outdoor is designed for WP8.0. maaloo Outdoor (without 8) and maaloo Geocaching are designed for WP8.1.

With the state of today, the following versions are available in the Store (21 July 2016) :

W10M, WP8.1: 

  • v2.9.1.3 (Geocaching)
  • v2.9.1.3 (Outdoor and Outdoor 8)


  • v2.7.2.1 (Geocaching)
  • v2.9.1.3 (Outdoor 8)
  • v2.5.4.0 (Outdoor)


  • v1.9.5.0 (Geocaching)
  • v1.2.0.0 (Outdoor)



7 thoughts on “FAQ: W10M, WP8.x, WP7.x

  1. I see your comments are closed on the “Download OSM maps” topic too. Perhaps I can ask here again?

    It is clearly explained except for one thing. The Andro maps site says all downloads require a “rendertheme”, which is to be applied once for each device. But I don’t know if they are talking about for my PC or for my phone or both. Can you explain if you know what this is for and how I do it. It might be best to edit the post about it, instead of here. Thanks

    • I have one more question on this – I see the offline area comes with 2 maps “installed/available”, which are Here road and Here Hybrid. Why are there listed when they are, I think, not actually available offline?

      • The Here Road map is potentially an offline map, if you have downloaded your desired region before. So it best fits to the offline section. The satellite images of the hybrid version are only useable with online access, but also use the offline road maps.

    • Thanks for the hint. I have added this sentence. “You do not need the .zip-files with render-themes for other apps, because maaloo has its own render theme.” The render-theme built in maaloo is provided by OpenAndroMaps and matches the MTB-style.

  2. I love this app. Great work. And a reasonable price. Thanks.

    I wish you would not close comments on various articles though because I am new subscriber and have questions on old issues. Perhaps I can ask here…

    The gps satellite info is only spatial resolution? Not the number of satellites etc? I am not sure when the resolution is good enough, or can get better. 20 metres seems bad. Can satellites do sub-metre?

    • The Windows Phone GPS event system does not provide information for the satellites, only the horizontal and vertical accuracy in meters are provided. A good value is 5 m. The best value I have ever seen on my Lumia930 was 1m, sometimes 3m. Values around 15m are good in the forest. Above 20m its getting bad.

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