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  1. Is it possible to work with Maaloo on android phone. For my work I must changed to android phone, because not available apps for windows phone. I have for many years very well working with the Maaloo app and I am very enthousiast about this app. I can find a lot of apps on android, but can’t find any app as maaloo. Are there solutions for maaloo on android?
    Regards Henk.

    • That depends on what you liked at maaloo so far. There are simple and complex outdoor apps on Android. I do not want to recommend here.

  2. Bonjour,

    J ai installe l application Maaloo Outdor sur mon nokia lumia 520,
    Je souhaiterai savoir si on peut basculer les cartes de parcours randonnée sur un PC pour pouvoir mieux les visualiser, et également créer une carte de mon PC et pouvoir la lire sur mon telephone portable ?

    Un grand merci pour votre reponse

    • For better visualisation on PC you can use the website gpsies.com. You can export your track to OneDrive and import it then to gpsies.com.
      You can build own maps on PC with several software, e.g. Maperitive, and save the final map file as .gemf file. But this a more difficult topic.

    • Cest tres facile mais il faut avoir un compte a Dropbox ou Onedrive. Allez au menu Tracks, choisisez le nom du votre parcour et apuyez sur les trois points “…” et puis upload. Aprez vous devez download le track sur votre PC. Ca marche aussi a l’envers: du PC au Dropbox ou Onedrive, pui du menu Tracks choisisez download.

  3. I am trying to download OpenStreetMaps for Argentina. However, when I select South America I get a listing of African countries. How can this problem be solved?

      • Thanks for the prompt reply! Unfortunatelly, I still get a listing of African countries on my phone after selecting South America.

          • Thanks a lot. I did as you say and managed to download argentina.map to my PC, copied it to my phone, clicked on the file name and it works perfectly! However, I still get a listing of African countries on my phone after selecting South America, even after resetting the phone.

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