FAQ: Outdoor vs. Outdoor 8

You can find currently two versions of the Outdoor app. The Outdoor 8 app with the blue icon has one big advantage, it can record your track in the background. The green Outdoor App does not have this ability.

This has a technical reason, because of restrictions by WP8.1 vs. WP8.0. If the app is based on WP8.0 internally, it allows the background location tracking. There was no way to re-enable this for the green WP8.1 app, so the blue app was born.

You can unlock the trial version of the blue Outdoor 8 app for free if you have bought the green app already. In the green App go to Info / Apps and press the unlock button. You must install the blue trial version before. If you had bought the Geocaching-InApp, the Geocaching features will be unlocked in the blue App too.

If you plan to buy the Outdoor App, take the blue one.


14 thoughts on “FAQ: Outdoor vs. Outdoor 8

  1. Hi. I have bought full version of Outdoor 8 before one month. Now, when I start app, it says that I have only trial version. Is there any solution? I use Windows 10 Mobile. Thank you.

    • This is a bug which sometimes occurs on W10M. If you start the app while having online access, the app should detected the bought state by the system. The next update will remember the bought state by itself.

      • I have try start te app with online access, but it didn’t have any effect. I tried reinstall the app, but it didn’t resolve this problem.

  2. Hi,

    I installed the blue app and unlocked it. All works fine except for the map download function. There is no way to change the max zoom level. In the green app I can change it.
    Could you please fix this?


  3. If Outdoor 8 is the version for the future, when will the Geocaching In-App be available for buying?

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