FAQ: Combine Geocaching and Outdoor

You can add the Geocaching App features into the Outdoor 8 App and leverage the Outdoor 8 App to a Multi-Outdoor-tool. Geocaching and Outdoor in one App… awesome!

You must have been purchased the Geocaching and the Outdoor 8 app. Open the Geocaching App and press the Unlock button in Info / Apps. This will enable the Geocaching-features in the installed Outdoor 8 app. The amount of available Geocaching features depends on the version of the Outdoor 8 app vs. the Geocaching version. But normally both apps are close together.

The former Geocaching/Outdoor-InApps will be not available anymore.



5 thoughts on “FAQ: Combine Geocaching and Outdoor

  1. You really did a great job on this app(s). Without it, i would have to give up on one of these two:
    Windows Phone or Geocashing, but either this nor this would be nice…
    So thanks!!!

  2. I have q: I’ve paid for both Geo and Outdoor previously and also combined them…. Now, I had to do a factory reset on my Lumia 930 and after reinstalling the Outdoor app, it only shows up as the unpaid trial app, without any Geocache features…

    How can I get it back to work?

    • OK, So I found out… If anyone else has the problem: I had to re-install the Geocaching app as well and from within that, unlock the caching bits into Outdoor (which was the only one I had currently installed)…

    • You just can use the InApp as usual. The InApps are not for sale anymore but the user who have bought one in the past can use it.

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