Update Geocaching v2.9.1

This update fixes some bugs and provides some minor improvements.

Changes for Geocaching:

  • Bugfix: The Found-Icon were not updated immediately on the map in all conditions. This should work now for PQs, Favorites, Online-Caches and the target waypoint.
  • Bugfix: The [COUNT]-Tag in the log text was not updated for immediately send logs. The number of founds is now retrieved from geocaching.com before log upload.
  • The logs are now uploaded in the order of creation date, from the older to the newer entries. Previously this was not explicitly ensured.
  • The short_description of the GPX-files (PQs) are now involved for the description of the cache, previously only the long_description was displayed.
  • New: You can use [DATE_LOG] and [TIME_LOG] as placeholders for the date and time at the creation date of the log. The former [DATE] and [TIME] still exist but insert the current date and time at upload.

General Changes:

  • Missing map tiles are tried to download again after the online access is available again. Previously a failed map tile download was cached until the next map provider was selected or the App restarted.
  • The info field ‘Altitude’ now shows the altitudes above 1000m in meters not km.
  • The Lumia 950 had a pixel offset on the OSM maps which prevented the correct selection of waypoints on the map. There is a new map option to add an offset to the touch position. The option page is: map / menu… / map options / View Extended / Special settings. The Lumia 950 is detected and the right value set, so normally you must not do anything for this.

5 thoughts on “Update Geocaching v2.9.1

  1. Thanks for the update, especially the Lumia 950 (XL) offset part. The value wasn’t set automatically like described above, although I installed the GC app new to try the feature out. However, I found -50 to be a good value for me. Can’t wait to have this in Outdoor 8.

    Btw: Last week I tried a Redstone preview build and the GEMF maps on SD card weren’t found in Outdoor 8. Looks like they changed something. Importing worked. I’m back to build 10586.420 for the next month, just wanted to share this finding.

  2. One new behaviour fond in Notices:
    Previous vession: After writing Notice and pressing botom round button user is returned to cache
    Last vession: After writing Notice and pressing botom round button nohing happen (maybe only Notice is saved). User nedr press phone back button to return to cache

  3. Thank you for update – [TIME_LOG] is great for me.

    Bug reported in November 2015 on old forum is here yet:
    1/ Search for caches
    2/ Select multicache (for example), swype for Stages, select first and GO – Target on map. Now you can go to this place.
    2/ When you arrive to stage 1. you need to read Description or select second Stage. In this case you need press BACK button on WP/W10M to return to list of stages, now select second Stage and GO – target on Maps
    3/ Ooops – yo are back to list of searched caches (result of 1/) instead of map

    Best regards


  4. Thank you, great update, POI display (on off) is fixed and above all, the logs are numbered chronologically 🙂 Thank you for your hard work

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