Update Outdoor v2.9.0 – POI

Update for maaloo Outdoor 8 (blue icon).

This update introduces the new POI online service provided by maaloo itself with data by OpenStreetMap. Points of Interest (POI)  are useful waypoints like restaurants, bars, shops or shelters. Find a shelter in the forest or a nice beer garden for a short break while hiking. You can save the POIs as favorite waypoints for offline purposes.

The POI service currently covers the area of europe.

wp_ss_20160523_0002 wp_ss_20160523_0003

You can click on a POI as usual and open the detail page. Each POI can contain detailed information like opening hours or the postal address, dependent on the type of the POI.


The types of POIs are organized in categories, which can be selected in the filter page.

wp_ss_20160523_0004 wp_ss_20160523_0005

Enjoy the new feature, especially in unknown regions.

POI Data © OpenStreetMap contributors, ODbl 1.0.




8 thoughts on “Update Outdoor v2.9.0 – POI

  1. Hello, I think there’s a problem again with the dutch version of maaloo 8. I had problems downloading .gpx files from onedrive whereas this didn’t occur on maaloo 7. It said that the track file didn’t contain any data and refused to download it in the blue maaloo.
    Remembering the former problem I’ve had with maaloo 8 I changed the language to English. After restart all was just fine.
    I’ll stick to the English version for the time being.

  2. Hi, maaloo geocaching got updated too and unlike the screenshot above, there is no option to tick off the POI. The filter page shows geocaching, panorama etc. but not a POI option, so I can’t switch them off :/

  3. After the update, tracks are no longer visibile while selecting download area…is it a bug?
    Maaloo 8 on Lumia 435 – Wp 8.1

    • The Track did not zoomed in and out with the map in Download Mode. The bugfix for this was to hide the Tracks while selecting the Download area. Not so good?

        • After a few days of use, I can say I preferred to see the track, when deciding the area to download.

          Another question: is there a way to manage the tiles downloaded (divided by “map supplier”)?
          Thank you!

          • The visibility of the tracks on the map while the selection of the download area will be re-implemented. Btw an option to download the map tiles along a track would be nice too.
            The map downloads are listed for each map supplier in “Manage Maps / Online / Worldwide / Normal / Button Info / Downloads”. You can re-download or delete the tiles.

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