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Some users have updated their phones to Windows 10 Mobile. The maaloo Apps are built for Windows Phone 8.x but run on Windows 10 Mobile too with some minor limitations.

The official update of W10M is the 10.0.10586.164. The 10586 is important, the last number is not so important.

One known limitation with W10M is the access to the SD-card. The maps on the SD-card are not detected by the app.
Some users had problems to start the app, if the app is installed on the SD-card. You should install the app on the internal storage of the phone in this case.

You should not use the Insider updates of W10M, not fast and not slow ring (14295.x) . There are potentially more problems. One problem is that the login to is not possible.

August 2017:  The app also runs on Windows Mobile 10 up to version 1607, Build 14393, which can not be guaranteed for newer versions.

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  1. Since today maaloo geocaching crash when opening the map. I don’t know why or if an update of W10 came but it does crash also after restart of the phone. Do other user have the same problem or may be a solution?

    • On Tuesday there was an Update for W10M: 15063.540. I had two crashes of maaloo since then – not sure, but the feeling that it happend when returning from cache info to the map. Yesterday we had a whole day of cashing without any problem …

      (L640LTE W10M .540 with maaloo 8 Ver. on phone installed, cashes in PQ and HikeBike-Maps on SD-card)

  2. When you try to sign in, I will quote: Step1 Could not get a auth token

  3. Maaloo 8 (the blue one) works great on my W10M-Test-L620 (10.0.10586.318). No problem at all with app installed on internal storage and maps on SD card 🙂

  4. I’m having a problem with Maaloo Geocaching since using it on Windows 10 mobile. Hope you can help me. If I don’t have an internet connection when I start the app up, it thinks it’s a trial version and I can’t view the map. (It gives me the message “This is the trial version…” instead.) I’ve definitely bought the app (it shows as such in the store) and I’ve not had this problem before.

    Using Maaloo Geocaching v2.8.2 on Windows 10 mobile v10.0.10586.318 (and earlier versions) on a Lumia 920 (so the app’s not on a SD card)

  5. Reading this on the forum regarding the official app is terminated:

    When will the Geocaching Live app stop working altogether?
    June 6, 2016. Note that partner apps have upgraded to newer APIs and will continue to work.

    Question: Is maaloo updated to support the new API?

    • There are only some minor changes to the API. The access to the API for partner Apps like maaloo will work after 6th June, confirmed by Groundspeak.

  6. Great app, simple and works VERY well, thanks for it
    A question: Does maaloo support the barometer sensor for altitude on devices with that one?
    And, any possibility to see bt4.0 addons devices support (for cadence/speed/heartrate) in the next releases?

    • The BT4 heartrate Integration is planned this year :). The Lumia 1020 is the only Windows Phone with a Barometer afaik, so no good condition.

      • Thanks for great app! When the streets names will be visible on imported OSM maps?

      • Thanks for the reply and happy to read about the bt4 support 🙂
        The barometric sensor is present as well in the 950, i haven’t actually one for verify but is reported in the specs

        Give a look in the mailbox, i asked a question about translation

  7. With Windows 10 Mobile sales declining fast, we could wonder how long Maaloo and Windows 10 phones are still available. If I will be forced to switch to Android or Iphone, the app I definitely would miss most of all, is Maaloo Geocaching. I have nightmares about not having this app available 🙂 🙂

    • Hold,your breath but dont’t worry to much 🙂 Since windows 10 is looking at universal apps, there will be several devices of any kind that can run windows 10 and thus Maaloo imho. A phone or whatever people will be using in the future will be one of those devices. I’m not,a Microsoft-fanboy (using other platforms too) but I think Microsofts vision right now is pretty amazing. If they are right or wrong is something we only know whithin a few years I guess.
      Can’t wait what Microsoft comes up with in 2017, after they announced that 2016 would be kind of a sabatical year for mobile…

        • 🙂 yeah I know, but that’ s what Microsoft announced : No focus on mobile in 2016. And I sure do hope them not to buy Google. For the next few years I’m okay with my windowsphone. After that we’ll see where we jump ship… I sure would miss Maaloo too though.

      • I agree. I’d love to be able to prepare my geocaching hike by using maaloo over Continuum for instance (on the big screen), in tablet mode. Or anyone with a PC or tablet could catch up with logs, explore the map, etc.

        A UWA makes sense for maaloo geocaching and maybe more for outdoor, but of course, it also means some extra work, depending on the state of the code today. VLC devs were quite happy to port their “universal” WP8.1 app to W10M apparently.

        But I wonder if W10M API does support magnetometer for instance. I’ve noticed all apps using the magnetometer are WP8.1 (HERE, maaloo, etc.). MS Maps is the only W10M native navigation app I know, and it doesn’t support compass (when the WP8.1 version does). It’s such a basic feature that I see 2 possibilities :
        a) MS are US centric, and American are ALWAYS in a 4×4, so no need for compass or pedestrian navigation
        b) API is missing

        I think b) is a lot more likely, but a) is not totally excluded lol ^_^

  8. As written in the official forum: I am in the insider fast ring and had really no problems until 14295, but with the current build (14322) maaloo (geocaching) crashes on startup.
    I hope the next build will fix that or maaloo goes uwp quite soon 🙂

  9. Hi,

    I started with Maaloo on my Lumia 630 with Windows Phone 8.1 and loved it. Now I have a Lumia 950 (yes there are people out there buying new Windows Phones ;-)) running W10M release build and I have some issues.

    In the map I used to (double?) tab on a cache to go into its details. This does not work anymore. Only if I center the map on the cache icon it will show me the dialog with the info button and then I am able to open the details which takes a while.

    Additionally it is quite slow working in the cache details e.g. if I want to add a new waypoint. Since the 950 should be way faster than the 630 I was wondering why this is the case.

    I could not see any of the metioned issues.

    If you need a beta tester – I am more than happy to participate. I will stay on the release builds since I have to have a working phone 😉

    Thanks for that wonderful app!


      • Hi. Would it be possible for us (the users of Maaloo) to get some insight into what is planned and the timeframe for this?

        Also, I am working as a software developer and could help further development if you are interested.

        • In the near future there are only some bugfixes and UI-enhancements planned. The integration of a BT-heart-rate sensor is on my own wish list.
          You are very welcome with your help. There are some bigger features open, like the enhancement of the integration of OSM-vector maps, a better track routing with speech. The altitude of tracks must be aligned with SRTM-data, online or offline. Perhaps we should outsource this topics in an open source “Open Outdoor Toolkit” or something like this…?

          • Just wondering – is your answer regarding maaloo outdoor or is it also for maaloo geocaching?

              • OK, then it is up to you. I can contribute, but you have to find a good way to do this both for you and those who contribute to this app. Anyway, you have my email and are welcome to mail me 🙂

  10. Let me share my experience with maaloo geocaching. I updated my WP with Insider Fast ring. Last update was version 10.0.14295.1000. With that version, connecting to does not work at all, so using the app was impossible. Well, there was many other critical issues with that update also.
    So, I decided to roll back to official version 10.0.10586.29. After that, connection works fine again! Seems that the problem was only with the pre version 14295. Problem solved 🙂

    I have been using maaloo geocaching since the very first Lumia model. So, quite many years. What can I say… SUPER! Full 5 stars application. Absolutely the best geoacaching app I have ever seen. And the only appropriate for heavy geocaching use available for WP.
    Especially good features are internal support for many different maps and offline use in general.

    Well done, Oliver!

  11. I have had none of these issues on my Lumia 640 with 10.0.10586.164 (now .218) so far – despite using the SD card for offline maps and the app install location

    -Blue Maaloo app starts and works fine
    -Offline maps all work ok (HERE and OSM)

    However I did do a hard reset after upgrading to Windows 10 Mobile

  12. Hello, thanks for the explanation.

    My 640 is on windows 10 build 10586. First update of my phone from 8.1 to 10 a few weeks ago caused some problem with different kinds of apps. Did yesterday perform a hard reset and a lot of bugs seems solved.

    Concercing Maaloo :

    I can confirm that on my phone the green app works perfect, installed on the internal storage / maps on the internal storage too. The green app works perfect installed on the sdcard / maps on the sdcard too.
    Logging in to geochaching didn’t work out at first, but trying again an hour or so later went smooth.

    The blue app still doesn’t work : not on the internal storage / maps on internal storage and not if everything is installed on the sdcard. The map seems stuck somewhere in Africa. The buttons on the right side of the screen are grey and don’t perform anything.
    Not really a problem for me since the green app works prefect, but since the advice is to use the blue app, I wanted that one to work too…

    Last words : thank you and applause for the devs for this great app. I’ve tried a lot of navigationapps for my hikes and Maaloo really rocks for my needs.
    Nice-to-have would be that you could name downloaded maps. They’re also stored a bit unfortunately under the info-button imho.

    Keep up the good work.

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