Update Outdoor v2.6.1

Update for maaloo Outdoor 8 (blue icon).

Some new features regarding the track visibility and track edit functions.

  • You can choose the color of the track and decide if the track points are visible on the map
  • You can edit the track. Reduce the amount of track points of the track for faster handling on the map. Reverse the direction of the track. Duplicate the track if you want to save the original track in advance to some changes.
  • Update of the dutch translation – thanks to marmarroo

wp_ss_20160216_0001 wp_ss_20160216_0002

38 thoughts on “Update Outdoor v2.6.1

  1. Hello,
    Maaloo 8 doesn’t import gpx files anymore.
    Whereas Maaloo 7 doesn’t have a problem with them.
    I use onedrive to download track-files. When I try to open the .gpx-file I get the message: “No track imported.The file does not contain any track data.” When I click OK I get the message: “Fout bij laden bestand (failure to load file)”. There’s nothing wrong with the tracks. In Maaloo 7 it imports them without any problem and I see them on the map.
    I already uninstalled en reinstalled Maaloo 8.
    Thanks in advance,

  2. I am looking for a more complete set of instructions for this app. It is great that you have a How-To section at all, but I am not finding the answer to my questions. Is this the only forum/location to get more information?

  3. This one doesn’t work on my windowsphone 8.1. map seems stuck somewhere between Yumbi and Lomba (not sure where that is :)) . The green version of Maaloo works perfectly. Anyone has a solution ?

    • On my phone this is the case too. Hope this will be fixed soon! In the past maaloo 8 worked. Btw: The info tab only mention’s the updates up to version 2.5.x. Thanks in advance.

        • Hello, meanwhile I’m on Windows 10, but the issue with the blue app is still there. The green one works perfect. I encounter the same problem as you have : version 2.5 is installed and not 2.6. The app doesn’t update to 2.6 automatically. Could this be the cause ?

          • Only the blue app has version 2.6.1. The green app has still version 2.5.7.
            Perhaps you must allow the GPS access for the blue app and which app may run in the background.

            • Well, it is the blue app that seems stuck in version 2.5.4 and doesn’t update. Afaik gps is enabled.
              Any ideas ? Thanks.

            • Hi, it is in fact the BLUE app on my phone that seems stuck in version 2.5.4 and doesn’t update. As far as I know gps is enabled. Any other ideas ? Thank you .

              • Just remove the current installation and re-install from app store. The store surely shows v2.6.1 of the blue app and should also install this version. See Info / About afterwards. Otherwise a topic for the Microsoft support. I can not influence the behaviour of the store or installation.

                • Hello, thanks for your advice. Tried re-installing, but with no result. Blue app stays on version 2.5.4 and map doesn’t work. Thanks in advance for keeping me informed on any results after reporting to microsoft.

                • You should get in contact with Microsoft support, as it depends on your phone, account or something else specific.

                • Microsoft store shows v. 2.6.1 if I look at the details page. After installation Maaloo 8 (blue) also shows version in the info/ about tab. Only the info/news tab shows updates up to v2.5.4. Except for the news tab it looks to me that I have the latest version of the program.

                • Hello Haico, thanks for your information. I checked my blue app and it’s the same. So, Oliver, this seems not a Microsoftstore-problem ? Any other ideas to get my blue app working ? For the record : blue app opens up, all tiles work within the app, it’s only the map that’s stuck. It’s like there’s no gpssignal…

                • You have installed the 2.6.1 now. For the GPS Settings please Check on the phone Settings Security / Position that you have enabled the GPS for the App After enabling the GPS.
                  The App itself must also allow the GPS on the Details Page After Click on GPS.

                • Hi, thanks. Checked all these settings and they’re okay. Maps stays frozen. Note that when opening the blue app you could see at the lower left corner gps doing it’s work : Meters are running down. So it seems that the gps is working.

                • Sorry problem remains trying to use any other map. After opening any map the whole app freezes and the only solution is closing the app. Before opening the map I can for example go to my geocaching profile or my tracks or any other function of Maaloo.

                • Thanks for all your effort ! Sorry to say that the issue remains wherever the app is installed. Of course I’m using official WM10.
                  No problem because I enjoy using the green app, but I understood the green app is not getting any updates anymore or am I wrong ?
                  Because Maaloo is so great (after testing a bunch of other apps) I was concerned one day the green Maaloo would stop working and so I wanted to give the blue one a try…

                • The Green App also gets updates but not so often like the Blue one. With the next Update of the Blue App I will also schedule an Update for the Green App. Sorry for the Problems but I can not reproduce them on my side.

                • Since I still can use the green one it’s no big deal for me.
                  Just wanting to make sure there’s no confusion about this issue.
                  As I wrote: I have excactly the same problem wiht the exact same symptoms as Peter describes. I use windowsphone 8.1 and my phone only has internal storage, can’t extend it (lumia 1020).
                  Some months ago I still was able to use the blue maaloo without any problems.
                  But recently I had to do a complete reset of my phone. So I had to do a new and clean install of every app,
                  The only thing on my phone at the moment that doesn’t work like it’s supposed to is the blue maaloo app. My gps is working btw.
                  Maybe it got something to do with the latest version that got on windowsstore. Maybe it’s faulty?? Although info/about says it’s version 2.6.1 info/news only shows updates upto v.2.5.4. Just my few cents.

              • The version Infos in Info / News are now updated. This was an issue for all languages except english and german. The real version of the app is shown on the Info / About page.

                • Oh.. I thought the problem was fixed when I saw the version updates.. I see.. That;s another isssue.. The map is still stuck in the region of Yumbi, Lomba and Lefulututu.. Those are in Congo-Kinshasa.. 🙂 Maybe somethings wrong with the dutch version regarding this issue.. I’ll wait.. 🙂

                • I found the bug! The Problem is only in the dutch Version. Thanks for the hint Haico. The initial Position of the app is normally in Amsterdam (4.908, 52.38). Something went wrong in the translation, the Position is now (49.08, 523.8) which results in an Overflow of the internal calculation, with a endless-loop on the map 😦 … Will be fixed with the next Version coming soon. I was able to workaround this bug by adding a favorite waypoint and go to this by center the map. Sorry for the bug.

                • Hate to say this, but changing the language in the blue app,to English for example doesn’t solve the problem for me. Tried the workaround adding a waypoint, but without results.

                • No, that is too late. The first start up of the app sets the initial Position, having the dutch language. You could change the language of the phone e.g. english, re-install the app and then it works. You can Change the language back to dutch afterwards.

                • Eureka ! Thanks for the explanation : That did the job. Looking forward to the update so I can change language back to dutch. Cheers !

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