Update Outdoor v2.6.0

The first update of 2016 for maaloo Outdoor 8 (blue icon).

Some minor changes and one more translation:

  • Bugfix: Get directions for route was not visible on map immediately
  • New Upload-button on the Track Details page
  • Retrieve more online waypoints (Panoramio, Geocaching, GPSies) by multiple requests. The waypoints of the previous request does not disappear now.
  • Danish Translation – thanks Thomas

8 thoughts on “Update Outdoor v2.6.0

  1. Hi,

    Now that the [COUNT] feature works on my phones, I’ve noticed that they are not numbered in chronological order when uploaded. Older should be N+1, then N+2, etc. and finally the most recent found should be the last one numbered. It seems to be numbered in any order or reverse order :/

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