Update Geocaching 2.8.2, Outdoor 8 2.5.7

This update offers some improvements and bugfixes for Geocaching and the Geocaching-InApp.

The Log Upload page has 3 buttons to enable or disable the upload for notes, logs and trackables logs. The upload process itself checks for errors from GC-API and marks the logs having an upload-error not as uploaded, for your next try (with better WLAN connection).


There are now logging types for owners of geocaches for the maintenance of there geocaches in the field. (Temporarily Disable Listing, Enable Listing, Owner Maintenance)


The quality of the GC-icons has improved. You will notice this especially on phones with higher resolution.


5 thoughts on “Update Geocaching 2.8.2, Outdoor 8 2.5.7

  1. Noticed that I have to tap almost 1cm below cache icons in the map to select the cache when map is a online WMS map. But if I change the map to the offline Nokia maps, tap on a cache icon is as expected. Everything else is normal with WMS maps. Current gps position is showing accurately and only the tap to select the icon is way off.

  2. Hi, as the forum seems deprecated, I wanted to know if the COUNT ordering bug (that is, logs are not numbered in chronological order when uploaded, but, it seems, reverse order, from the most recent one to the oldest found) is in the to-do list? Thanks, now that COUNT works on my Lumias, I’m a happy bunny πŸ™‚

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