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There is a new but good old known App in the Store “maaloo Outdoor 8”. The successor of “maaloo Outdoor” targeting the WP8.0 operation system again. The reason is the important feature for background location tracking. This feature is only available for WP8.0 apps but not for WP8.1 apps. The user voice was loud enough to rollback the app to WP8.0 to enable the background location tracking again.
Why a new app? Because there is another tricky issue in the uploading process for apps that prevents the deletion of WP8.1 packages of an app. So if there exists a WP8.1 package, the newer WP8.0 package is not visible for updates.

Further updates will be published for the new app only. So please switch to the new app.

If you have bought the previous “maaloo Outdoor” you can unlock the new app for free. Go to Info / Apps and press the ‘Unlock’ button. You must have installed the “maaloo Outdoor 8” app in advance of course.

  1. Install the test version of ‘maaloo Outdoor 8’
  2. Update ‘maaloo Outdoor’ (without ‘8’)
  3. Press the unlock button in Info / Apps


14 thoughts on “maaloo Outdoor 8

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  2. Hallo,
    es wäre sehr hilfreich, wenn es eine einfache Möglichkeit gäbe, die Tracks aus dem der alten App zu importieren oder zumindest zu sichern. Da ich doch inzwischen einige habe, ist das einzelne Exportieren recht mühsam.
    Ich wäre über ein “Alles Exportieren” (oder noch besser: Ausgewählte Tracks exportieren) glücklich.
    Schönen Gruß,

  3. Hey, if I activate the “8” version via the former one and after that hard reset the phone I need to repeat the whole process again, is there a way to activate the “8” version forever other then repurchase it?

  4. Hey there, so if I get it right I should install this new app, regardless I had no issues with the previous version? Can I also ask for the tile color switcher, either use native app color or transparent?

    • You must not install it if you had no issue. But if you record your track with the current version then you will have an partly interrupted track record if you switch to another app while recording.

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