Update Outdoor v2.5.2

This update is primarily aimed at the map and its zoom function. It is now finally possible to zoom the map continuously by using the finger-spread gesture. The set magnification remains, even if you take the finger off the screen again. In the previous versions the zoom level jumped back to the next fixed zoom level.
Furthermore, you can increase the zoom level, even if the card provider does not offer this zoom level. The map tiles are getting enlarged accordingly.
With the classic map tiles of 256 × 256 pixels, the zooming is fast coarsely pixelated. Therefore, the app now supports higher resolution map tiles of 512 × 512 or 768 × 768 pixels resolution. This makes especially sense for the new smartphones with higher resolution displays. The map will look much sharper.
You will surely find no online map provider having 512×512 pixel map tiles. You must generate this high resolution maps by yourself with e.g. Maperitive.

The OSM vector maps can also be generated with 512 × 512 pixel tiles with an option on page “map options / Map”.



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  1. Hi. I have a problem with the rooster in MAP INFO DOWNLOADS, if I charge more maps then I can’t delete the last ones because I can’t select

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