Update Geocaching 2.8.1, Outdoor 2.5.1

This update speeds up the map rendering of the OSM vector maps somewhat. You can customize the details of OSM vector maps according to the speed of your smartphone, with the new map option “Speed Optimization“. The slower your smartphone, the higher the speed optimization should be set. Default is ‘medium’.

The online access for the map can be locked now to prevent downloading of map tiles even when online access is available. This option only applies to online maps. Accessing the geocaches can still take place via the refresh button on the map.


This app has been migrated from WP8.0 to WP8.1 environment. This has not only advantages but also disadvantages. Under WP8.1 an app can not run in the background while continuing the location tracking.
If you use another app while the track record, for example a photo app, you must return to maaloo to further record the track. You can do this by pressing long on the back button until an overview of all running apps appears. Then simply tap on maaloo again.
You can switch off the display, to save energy. The track records also under the lock screen.
Some users have also update errors on WP8.1. The most solution is to reinstall the app.
Here is a official statement from Microsoft Support regarding the update problems especially for error code 80073cf9:

This appears to be a device error that has something to do with storage. Here’s a forum post where some users were able to correct it by removing SD cards;


This may help your users. I can tell you, nothing I see here indicates an issue with your app itself. You may also want to provide users with the link to consumer support;


If some other users had similar problems and resolved them, please let us know your solution here by replying to this post.

11 thoughts on “Update Geocaching 2.8.1, Outdoor 2.5.1

  1. Dear maloo. i am having issues in tracking in background mode. it just dont keep track. i need to have to keep phone on every time, which is again power hungry. If I am the only one having the issue or not, i donot know either. thanks. hope u will revert back.

    • With WP8.1 it is not possible anymore to track in background. The tracking app must stay in foreground. But you can switch off the display to save energy.

  2. Hey, been having issues launching the app after the last update, trying to open it a pop up shows telling me to either uninstall or purchase the app (had already purchased it). Clicking on purchase does nothing so I only can uninstall. Has already happened twice. Been running windows 10 mobile preview on Lumia 1520.

    • Windows 10 mobile is currently not supported, sorry. The app is build for WP8.1. I can not ensure that it works for WP10 (WM10). The not detected bought-state is shourly a bug of the Store, which I can not fix.

    • Had the same issue on my 535 running Windows 10. It can install seamlessly, but one day, you’ll get that bug. So I use temporarily the geocaching live app on the 535, and maaloo geocaching on the 1020 (WP8.1). Well, I always geocache with the 1020 anyway ^_^

  3. Hi, after the update I’m not able to open maaloo outdoor (WP 820). My husband told about the same problem. Is this a known problem of other useres? Can I solve it by myself? How? Thanks for help.

      • It’s the same to me. I installed the update without any problems. Now the icon is grayed out and the app doesn’t start when I touch the icon.
        If I search in WP store, it indicates within the search results, that I have installed the app. If I (still in the store) open the information page of the app, it doesn’t say anymore that I have installed it. It shows a price of 0,99 € but none of the buttons like “test” or “buy”.
        Restarting the phone didn’t help.
        Can I avoid reinstalling the app (which makes me losing all my safed tracks ..)?
        Does reinstalling help?

        (Beside this bug, great app so far. Really love it)

  4. Hello, I have a problem in Maaloo geocaching, if I want to buy inapps complement outdoor and click on “Buy” program me just ask you if you want to buy this supplement. After confirming “OK”, nothing happens. Thanks for the correction and excellent application.

    • After restart of the App the InApp should be available. Otherwise use the ‘Check bought InApps…’ function from the lower menu of the InApps page

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