Update Outdoor v2.4 – Navigation

With version 2.4 the topic active navigation is introduced.

What we have now is the ability of simple voice navigation for routes having turn instructions.The turn instructions are included in the route automatically, if you generate the route by the “Route calculation” function, wich needs online access. Alternatively, you can add turn instructions by hand to existing tracks and routes by editing the track points.

The turn instructions are illustrated in the upper info panel of the map by an arrow and the distance to the next turn instruction. At distances of 100, 30 and 10 meters, the forthcoming change of direction will be announced by a simple voice output. This app will however show no lane change or similar informations. Therefore, it is of limited use for car navigation. The outdoor area is and will remain the domain of maaloo outdoor.


What’s new:

  • The upper info panel of the map have been expanded
    • the info fields can be switched by a click between the two fields, to a completely empty display box to hide the display
    • show turn instruction with an arrow
    • the compass is shown graphically
  • Track information:
    • ETA, ETE and the distance to the target relates to the way along the active route and is no longer limited to the shortest distance between the GPS position and target.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Sunrise and sunset were not calculated in some regions
    • the Geocaching function “Friends” gave an error message when you view the logs. The number of the last logs had to be cut to 30 logs.