Update Outdoor v2.3.2 + 2.3.3


  • Bugfix for the address search feature.
  • Info panels on the map
    • You can switch between different views of the info panels by a click on the middle of the info panel between the two info fields. There is also an empty info panel if you want to switch off the info panels.
  • Route calculation from Point A fixed. Coordinates of the waypoint for point A were erased after calculation.

Errorcode c101a7d1. Some users from germany got the full version for free while the app special in April 2014, but now having trouble with the update. Please read further information on the german blog.

2 thoughts on “Update Outdoor v2.3.2 + 2.3.3

  1. Hi, my Lumia 920 can’t update.
    Errorcode c101a7d1.
    Tried to reinstall over windowasphone website but there is a message app wasn’ purchased. Can You help to solve The Problem?
    Best regards

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