Update Geocaching v2.7.x

This updates (v2.7.0 and 2.7.1) extend the features of your profile. Now you can manage your geocaching friends and view their statistics, know when they were active. Your own geocaches are listed in your profile.

The pictures of geocaches are downloaded locally to your phone for offline use. In the prior versions the pictures were only saved with favorited geocaches for offline use. You can delete the offline pictures (v2.7.1)

New features:

  • Profile
    • Manage your geocaching friends
    • List of your own geocaches
  • Pictures
    • Pictures of the geocache listing are saved locally for offline use
    • You can delete the offline pictures
  • Logs
    • Logs are listed with the icon of the finder
    • View details of the finder

15 thoughts on “Update Geocaching v2.7.x

  1. The next version 2.7.2 will have exactly this feature, but you must use the placeholder [COUNT]. This will be replaced with the count of your logs read by the start of the transfer and is incremented with each Cache.

    • Wow, thanks! I’ve just tried it, as field notes (not to spam exisiting caches!) but the [COUNT] isn’t replaced by any number (it just disappears). Is it supposed to work for field notes too?

      • It only works for “Found It”-Logs, all other types are just replaced with an empty string. You can send the log immediately or in a batch job with many local logs. It works on my phone.

  2. Would it be possible to include a cache counter option? Would increment from an initial number , let’s say, N, (for instead, set from the profile), and would propose
    #{N+1} in the log template (instead of TFTC…)

    and would increment it if and only if a found is logged.

    This is one of the key reasons for which I use field notes instead of direct logs.

    thank you 😉

  3. Hi, I’ve found out that the cache attributes don’t show in the cache description when viewing offline in a pocket query, and I also don’t see the favorite points count, only the blue symbol without any number. I would like to ask if you plan to add these missing features to some of the new version updates – I hope so, very much.

    And one more issue, I don’t know how this is possible so could you please have a look at this one cache (a letterbox in London – I’m planning a visit there and this just caught my eye): http://coord.info/GC5Q7E4 – I’ve downloaded the cache in a pockat query, and opened it in my mobile while offline. In the description I saw the text beginning with “First mentioned around 1170… etc” (the text that begins below the image) – but the important text with the instructions how to solve the cache are in the text ABOVE the image of the church in the listing. It seems to be a normal text, so I cannot guess why I don’t see it in my phone. I’ve resolved it by copying the text and pasting it to the Personal cache note, that shows in your app nicely; however it was only by accident that I noticed this issue and probably there are some more caches with the same problem. Could you please let me know whether it shows you the same when viewing in a phone, or it was just some error in my phone (I don’t suppose that, but still it can be).

    I really like your app very much and it’s the best one for Windows Phone among those I’ve tried, I appreciate that you are constantly working on the updates and bugfixes and release new versions. Hope that the two issues I’ve mentioned above will be resolved soon, too. Thanks

    • The attributes are imported from PocketQueries, I can see them in the details of the caches. The favorite points are not included in the PQs as far I can see in the files.
      Please can you send me the PQ with the mentioned cache, so I can check this error. You find the email in the App / Info by writing a message with “I have a question”.

  4. Nice improvement!

    This being said, I’m a bit nostalgic of the former icon. Now that colourful cache box radiating icon looks weird, amongst other tiles which are basically white shapes on a plain. The previous tile icon was perfect (white silhouette on a homogenous background).
    Would it be possible to come back to a more W8.1/WP8.1 friendly look?

    This is purely a matter of taste and aesthetics, but well, it does matter too ^_^

    Thank you

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