City maps download

Here are some ready made maps for download in GEMF-Format (Bitmap raster).

If you own a phone with SD-card, it is very easy to install the map file. If you have set the target for downloads to your SD-card Downloads-folder in the system-settings, you just can leave the downloaded map-files in the Downloads folder of the SD-card. maaloo will find them there.

If you have a phone without SD-card, you can download the files as usual, but you must click on the file after download. The system will ask which app should open this file, just choose maaloo. The app will import the file into the internal storage of the app. Afterwards you can delete the file from the systems Downloads-folder, to avoid having it twice, in the app storage and in the Downloads-folder.

City maps

Maps of cities without hill-shading and contour lines but very detailed.

Germany /
Zoomlevel 9 – 16/17:
Aachen (218MB)
Augsburg (73MB)
Berlin (126MB, 512×512 pixel tiles)
Bielefeld (127MB)
Bochum (103MB)
Bonn (98MB)
Braunschweig (111M)
Bremen (250MB)
Chemnitz (116MB)
Dortmund (219MB)
Dresden (66MB, 512×512 pixel tiles)
Düsseldorf (175MB)
Duisburg (181MB)
Erfurt (91MB)
Essen (129MB)
Frankfurt Main (176MB)
Freiburg (73MB)
Gelsenkirchen (62MB)
Halle (119MB)
Hamburg (98MB, 512×512 pixel tiles)
Hannover (158MB)
Jena (39MB)
Karlsruhe (130MB)
Kiel (66MB)
Köln (254MB)
Krefeld (89MB)
Leipzig (105MB, 512×512 pixel tiles)
Lübeck (103MB)
Magdeburg (86MB)
Mainz (54MB)
Mönchengladbach (69MB)
München (90MB, 512×512 pixel tiles)
Münster (280MB)
Nürnberg (104MB)
Oberhausen (48MB)
Regensburg (67MB)
Rostock (77MB)
Stuttgart (156MB)
Wiesbaden (98MB)
Wuppertal (115MB)

Austria / Zoomlevel 9 – 17:
Dornbirn (47MB)
Graz (140MB)
Innsbruck (38MB)
Klagenfurt (38MB)
Linz (64MB)
Salzburg (70MB)
St.Pölten (33MB)
Villach (45MB)
Wels (27MB)
Wien (330MB)

Switzerland / Zoomlevel 9 – 17:
Basel (27MB)
Bern (230MB)
Genf (126MB)
Lausanne (51MB)
Lugano (62MB)
Luzern (23MB)
St.Gallen (30MB)
Winterthur (104MB)
Zurich (62MB)

Czech Republic / Zoomlevel 9 – 17:
Brno (108MB)
Ceské Budejovice (22MB)
Hradec Králové (64MB)
Liberec (84MB)
Olomouc (48MB)
Ostrava (107MB)
Pardubice (42MB)
Plzen (66MB)
Praha (292MB, 512×512 pixel tiles)
Ústí nad Labem (37MB)

UK /
Zoomlevel 12-16:
Birmingham (58MB)
Bristol (27MB)
Cardiff (19MB)
Edinburgh (21MB)
Glasgow (31MB)
London city (max Zoom 17, 51MB)
London (140MB)
Manchester (67MB)
Oxford (11MB)
York (12MB)

You can create your own map files with the Mobile Atlas Creator (Mobac). Choose ‘Osmdroid GEMF’ as Atlas format.

All map files from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Czech Republic were rendered on own hardware with data from OpenStreetMap. OpenStreetMap is open data, licensed under the Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL).

The map files from UK contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right 2011. The UK files were made with the MAPC2MAPC-tool.


9 thoughts on “City maps download

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  3. Having a few problems. Tried loading your GEMF file for london, maaloo outdoor says “file successfully imported” but shows no map data. Also GEMF files created in Mobile Atlas Creator do not load. Any advice?

    And why is Open Cycle Maps not available to download, I thought they were free?

    I do lots of hiking so need offline maps


    • The local imported map is only visible if you moved the center of the map to coordinates within the imported map. The center of the visible map is not automatically moved to the center of the imported map. And check that the zoom levels fit the provided zoom levels of your imported map.
      You can use the HERE map to moved the map to middle london and switch then to the imported map from the map chooser.

      The open cycle maps are made from OpenStreetMap-data but the servers running the map are not free. To prevent from heavy usage the download is disabled.

      • Thanks for the advice, I can now see thr GEMF file for london :o)

        Do you have any ideas for creating GEMF files with Mobile Atlas Creator. The file that I have created so far seem to come in many parts. for example it creates a small GEMF file and creates the map tiles in seperate folders which Maaloo outdoor doesnt seem to be able to read. The GEMF file I downloaded from here was one big file.

        Love the software. I used to use viewranger on symbian and this seems a good replacement for windows phone

  4. How do we get maaloo outdoor to read the map files on SD card? I have loaded the .gemf files into a ‘maps’ folder but they do not show up in the offline files list. When I import them from onedrive they work just fine from the phones storage.

    • Please rename the folder from ‘maps’ to ‘map’.
      “…Just copy the downloaded file to the ‘map’-folder of your SD-card and restart maaloo…”

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