Update Outdoor v2.2.4

This update increases the usability of the map. There is a new feature to measure distances from your current GPS-position to a point on the map for a fast approximation of alternate ways. The info fields on top of the map are only visible if you did not touched the display for more than 5 seconds.
You can download your current map view for offline use directly from the menu.

New map for bikers added to the regional online map catalog, MTBmap of Europe (mtbmap.cz).

+ new map for bike MTBmap of Europe (mtbmap.cz)
+ easy measurement of distances on map
+ better automatic switch from buttons to info fields on map
+ download current map view from menu
+ greater font for info fields in map

Measure distances on the map. A first step to the coming feature of hand edited routes.

Download current map view directly from map.