Update Outdoor v2.1

A small update of maaloo Outdoor is released. Two main features are added. The GPS-recording now runs in background, enabling the recording with another App in foreground. You can check your Mails or use a Messenger while the recording is continued.
The next major new feature is the file association with .gpx-files. Open a .gpx-file from Mail or Cloud and the file will be opened with maaloo Outdoor to import tracks or waypoints.

New features and changes

  • GPS-recording in background
  • .gpx file association
  • Dropbox login bug fixed

4 thoughts on “Update Outdoor v2.1

  1. Hello and thank you for the updates, much appreciated!
    Just a question about the upcoming update, will it be possible
    to import (directly or indirectly) maps from other sources, for
    example .84 .prc .kmz files.

    • The upcoming update for maaloo Outdoor will enable the usage of .gemf-maps. The next supported map format will be the .map (mapsforge) vector format widely used on Android, with one of the next updates this year. KML or KMZ waypoint and track-files will also be supported in one of the next updates. The .84 and .prc are not in plan today.

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