Update Geocaching v2.3

A nice and needful feature comes with the new version 2.3, the Pop-up window in the map with a short description of the cache. The Pop-Up has two buttons, the info button and the ‘Go’-navigation button. Escpecially the ‘Go’-button allows the fast choice of this cache as your next target, without the need to open the info page first.

All new features:

  • Map: Info Pop-up of the cache in the map
  • Map: new options
    – night mode
    – dark buttons
    – auto hide buttons
  • Czech language for the app (Thanks to Lupyno!)
  • Dutch language for offline helpers (Thanks to marmarroo!)

3 thoughts on “Update Geocaching v2.3

  1. Back from the field, it seems that the hour stamp in the logs (field notes) is a bit off. We logged let’s say at 15-16 this afternoon, the field note said 0830. We weren’t even awake at that time šŸ™‚

  2. I cannot see mystery caches on the map (the question mark ones). I checked it in the filters screen but they still won’t load.

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