Update v2.0

This update starts with the implementation of many new features of the Window Phone 8 platform. The start is the most wanted feature, the HERE map integration. No more downloads of maps in advance, just go out for caching with the delightful Nokia HERE map.

The new features list:

  • Nokia HERE map integration
    – road and hybrid mode
    – day and night colors
    – adjust pitch for 3D view
    – fast rendering, ..
  • Geocaching features
    – added log type Will attend, Attended
    – bugfix: save caches
    ……– it should possible to download the caches of the map as list again
    – drop the default log text with a button above the log edit box
    – nearby the target cache the log/notes button switches to the log page
  • Address search
    – selected address result can be displayed on the map with the Go button


This update is available for Windows Phone 8 devices only.
The coming updates will require the features of the Windows Phone 8 platform too.

11 thoughts on “Update v2.0

  1. Hi.
    Have you planned to add support to Navigation with Here Drive to the go button?
    Now it has Navigation Bing and that has never worked on my WP8

    • Yes this is planned for the next release. The Bing navigation is a relict of the previous WP7.x compatible version, which I have “forgotten” to migrate to WP8, sorry 😉

  2. I have lot of troubles with here maps. I have downloaded here maps of my country. Positioning service on.
    First problem:
    -) turn wifi on
    -)Open maaloo
    -) go to download, map section and select Here Road
    -) close maaloo
    -) open maaloo
    -) go to download, map section. Standard map now selected.

    Second problem:

    -) wifi on
    -)Open maaloo
    -) go to download, map section and select Here Road
    -) search for nearby cache
    -)wifi off
    -) select a cache and press go
    -) target on map

    Map not renderized or partially renderized.

    Now, if i enable wifi and re-open maloo, select here road and Go on the cache, the map is renderized, by using the wifi.

    Third problem:
    Sometimes the GO button on the cache is disabled. Usually this happens when you have already pressed GO on that cache. Pressing GO doesn’t mean i have found the cache!

    I’ll be glad to buy the app when those bug will be fixed 🙂

    • Hi Marco,
      The dowload button is not intended to select the map for usage as map provider for the map. The selection in the download page will only be remembered if you really download a map area, which is only possible for none Here-maps (OSM-maps). Otherwise the selection is temporary just for the moment, like if you select an item from a drop-down list on PC and cancel the dialog window, this selection will also not be reselected after re-open the dialog.

      You must select the Here Road map from the map > Layer > Map > Here Road > OK.
      To solve your first two “bugs”, just select the map provider in the map.

      If you have selected the cache as target already, the GO-button is not enabled, because the cache is already the target for map.
      To log your found you must press the edit-button with the pencil-icon.

  3. Danke, das war wirklich so nötig und schlägt so viele Fliegen mit einer Klappe!
    Ganz großes Lob!

  4. I have tested the new version for som hours. Very good with the Here maps, fast and easy for off line.
    But I miss google hybrid map because the satellite mode in Here maps are very bad and not OK for geocaching.
    I have trided to have google hybrid as user defined map but can’t get the map provider settings to work.

    Please help…

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