maaloo Outdoor Update v1.2

There is a new update available for maaloo Outdoor . The new features are the results of your suggestions made in this blog, reviews of the app, the forum and personal mails. Thanks for this. 🙂

The new features of v1.2:


  • shows some interesting informations while you walk or bike, like speed, pace, trip counter, trip time, ETA (estimated time of arrival), ..
  • for your ambitious outdoor plans the sunrise and sunset is now monitored
  • the compass is now a second page of the GPS Monitor

Track Manager

  • the tracks are now sortable by name, length, distance, date and height
    an icon shows the type of the track (hike, bike or jogging)
  • uploaded tracks are marked with a green upload icon

Track details

  • the map of the track can be enlarged to full screen mode for better overview
  • charts for height and speed profile

UTM coordinates

  • the coordinates can be display and edited in UTM coordinate format, according to the settings


  • the GPX format now writes the correct date and time format, for better compatibility with outdoor software e.g. BaseCampâ„¢

Map options

  • enable dark color for buttons on the map, for better readability on some maps