maaloo Outdoor Update v1.1

Only 3 weeks after the launch of the new outdoor app maaloo Outdoor a first update is available. This version implements the most wanted suggestion of the reviews, the SkyDrive support. Your wish is my command. Here it is.

New features of update v1.1

  • SkyDrive Import/Export
  • support for the GPX-Route format
  • Track Playback, scroll through your track in the track details


2 thoughts on “maaloo Outdoor Update v1.1

  1. Good work man!
    You have a pretty cool track handling with detailed informations. And a lot of costumization and configuration options. Though the map is a little laggy, what kind of control does it use?

    Check out our OutdoorMaps app, it has a lot of things in common:
    It’s a little sad the builtin map-control is so limited.
    We have been using the mapsui library (, pretty flexibile, but performance could also be better.

    • Thanks for the hint with mapsui. Your new app OutdoorMaps looks good. A rotateable map would be nice in common with a compass šŸ˜‰
      The waymarkedtiles is a good source for marked ways. Perhaps I will integrate them too, after the implementation of map layers.

      I do not use a public map control, I built my own. Yes it’s still a little bit laggy, escpecially in online mode. There are some threading/locale-storage problems that interrupt the fluid usage. I hope to fix this issues in the future, but currently the backlog of features which have to be implemented is too big. The features have priority šŸ˜‰ In offline mode or online mode with cached tiles the usage is quite good, I think.

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