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A new star on the Windows Phone app market is born. maaloo Outdoor the successor of the already well known an favored app for Geocaching maaloo Geocaching. This app focus on the usual outdoor features like recording and displaying tracks and the management and locating of waypoints.

This app has good features for offline usage like the ability to download outdoor maps for hiking or biking in areas without online access.

This is the first version of maaloo Outdoor. Many features will follow. Here is a short list of the planned features for the next versions.

  • Import/Export from SkyDrive
  • Import/Export KML-files
  • More statistics for tracks (height and speed profile)
  • Show nearby images along a track
  • Turn instructions for tracks
  • Hill-shading for the map
  • More content providers for map layers (weather, ..)


This following features are implemented in version 1.0 yet.

Map features

  • Download maps for offline use
  • OpenStreetMap, Cycle and Hike maps with many details for outdoor needs
  • Map Rotation by Compass or GPS-Direction
  • Show transparent Compass-overlay on map
  • User defined map provider, use your local map tile server

Track features

  • Record your own tracks
  • Statistics of tracks
  • Import and export GPX-tracks from Dropbox
  • Search and import of tracks on
  • automatic nearby search of tracks
  • supports hiking, jogging and bike trails

POI/Waypoint features

  • Add your own waypoints (press Favorites button and add, or long press on map)
  • Navigate to waypoints
  • Proximity alarm
  • Import and export waypoints by Dropbox or URL

Geocaching features

  • supports traditional, Multi and other types of caches
  • Import Pocket Queries from Dropbox or URL
  • Add and edit your own stages to caches

5 thoughts on “maaloo Outdoor

  1. I’d love to download the maps for offline use. Why is this not available?

  2. I don’t know what GPX file should be imported. But I tried to import a route from various websites (including GPSies) and application keep saying that it doesn’t contain a track.

      • my bad, it works that way. why it doesn’t accept a gpx route? this could be helpful to export routes from other systems.

        • GPX Route and KML support will follow in one of the next versions. 🙂

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