HowTo: Login to

The real benefit of this app is unleashed after a login to

1.) Press on “Profile” to view your GC-Profile

2.) The app detects that you are not logged in and asks to do so.
Press OK to start the Login.

3.) The app connects to the server
Do not use the Facebook-Login. Sign in with Geocaching.

4.) Type in your username and password.
Press ‘Sign In’ after you entered your username and password.

5.) The asks if you really want to connect this app to your geocaching-account.
Press ‘Allow Access’.

6.) Now you should get a success message.

7.) If you are only a Basic-member of, you will notice some limitations regarding the functionality of this app. This limitations are caused by to suggest you to buy a Premium-membership of šŸ˜‰

8.) If something goes wrong with your access to, you can explicitly disconnect and connect again from the menu.

9.) If you get the following error message while login to, you should revoke the permission for maaloo in your profile settings on Then wait a longer moment (some minutes to 1 hour) and try again.


10.) Your access to expires after a certain amount of time (currently 90 days). You have to login again after this period.


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  1. Thank you for this post; I didn’t know why I was not able to download full cache descriptions although I’m a Premium Member – after reading this I tried to disconnect and connect again to my account, and it worked šŸ™‚ I really love this app, it’s great!

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