The Munzee-Online-Service is currently not available anymore. The data input was cancelled.

With version 1.9 of maaloo Geocaching the app supports the new hunting game “Munzee” of goal is to capture the QR-code of a munzee-label found somewhere in the field, hidden like a geocache. The QR-code must be scanned with a munzee-certified app to be count for you as a found. Currently only the munzee-app self is allowed to capture munzee-QR-codes. Therefore you must switch to the munzee-app to capture the munzee. But you can use maaloo to navigate to the munzees.

Nearby import of munzees

  1. Preconditions:
    a) You have online acces
    b) You enabled the munzee-Online-Service in the Layer menu (default)
    c) You are in map-mode, see the map
  2. Move the center of the map to your desired position or just press the “center” button to align the center of the map to your current GPS-position
  3. Open the Slide-in menu and press the Refresh-button to start the online services
  4. The munzee-icons should appear after some seconds. That’s it!

The green icons of munzee on the map


To increase the number of imported munzees for one request, open the Layer-page and select the “Max number of results” in the Options-page accessible from the menu of the Layer-page.

screenshot_v19_9 screenshot_v19_10
You can open the Layer-page in the map menu.

The munzee-online-service is provided by

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